New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A graphic of a letter titled “GSOC-UAW Local 2110, Making A Better N.Y.U Since 1998” on a purple background.

GSOC accuses NYU of canceling pro-Palestinian events, criticizes disciplinary action

NYU’s graduate student union claimed the university has targeted students and workers for promoting pro-Palestinian speech in a statement in response to the university’s recent student conduct report.
Adrianna Nehme and Yezen Saadah December 5, 2023

NYU’s graduate student union accused the university of canceling “several” pro-Palestinian events in a statement on Monday, also claiming there has been a “deeply concerning...

On Friday, Sept. 10, almost 50 members of the NYU community gathered on the steps of Kimmel to reflect and share stories on the 9/11 attacks, 20 years later. The names of the 59 alumni who died on 9/11 were read out loud, followed by a 20-second moment of silence. (Photo by Gabriel Hawthorne)

Kimmel Center holds Sept. 11 remembrance event

Faculty and staff recalled their stories of the World Trade Center attacks and shared messages of solidarity.
Gabriel Hawthorne, Staff Writer September 13, 2021

Nearly 50 members of the NYU community — including alumni, students, employees and faculty — sat together in silence on the bottom steps of the Kimmel Center for University...

Stand Against Hindu Fascism

Stand Against Hindu Fascism

Asha Ramachandran, Deputy Opinion Editor March 9, 2020

My dad is the odd one out in his family. While the rest of the family are devout, fundamentalist Hindus who support Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party,...

The exterior of the Stern School of Business.

Stern Admin Outlines Plan of Action to Correct Inclusion, Diversity Issues

Sakshi Venkatraman, News Editor May 1, 2018
In a four-page response letter addressed to the Student Senators Council, Stern Undergraduate Dean Raghu Sundaram, Vice Dean Elizabeth Morrison, Chief Diversity Officer Lisa Coleman and Associate Vice President Monroe France detailed concrete steps intended to fix the problems that have become the subject of university-wide conversation.
An illustration of a white postcard with a red stamp in the top right corner. On the postcard are the words “letter to the editor” in a cursive style. Behind the postcard is a closed gray envelope.

“All Muslims Are Terrorists”

Rannen Khalil, Guest Editorial April 30, 2018
An NYU student recounts her experiences with Islamophobia at Leonard N. Stern School of Business.
NYU Failed Students of Color in Stern

NYU Failed Students of Color in Stern

WSN Editorial Board April 30, 2018
If we want to make changes in the culture at NYU Stern School of Business, it is important that faculty, students and administrators work together to educate themselves, so that the victimized students don't need to.
A Muslim student standing in the lobby of the Henry Kaufman Management Center. Stern has recently gained attention from the larger NYU community due to instances of Islamophobia and discrimination.

Racial Discrimination and Islamophobia Pervasive in Stern

Jemima McEvoy and Sakshi Venkatraman April 23, 2018
Muslim and black students have reported experiencing racial discrimination and Islamophobia in the Leonard N. Stern School of Business.
Inside the Supreme Court of the United States.

NYU Takes Legal Action Against Trump Travel Ban

Alex Domb, Deputy News Editor April 9, 2018
On March 30, NYU lawyers filed an amicus curiae brief against the latest iteration of President Donald Trump’s “travel ban.”
Poster for Nijla Mumin coming-of-age film Jinn, which explores black and Muslim identity in todays political landscape.

‘Jinn’ Brings Fire and Life to Teenage Crisis

Hailey Nuthals, Editor-at-Large March 28, 2018
Nijla Mu'min’s "Jinn" explores black and Muslim identity in today's political landscape through a girl's coming-of-age.
Salam means love in Arabic and is used as a greeting by Arabic speakers. The word and design are indicative of NYU freshman Ismail Ibrahims desire to use his clothing line to paint the Arab world in a more positive light.

Reviving Refugees: Making a Fashion Statement

Kate Holland, Contributing Writer February 23, 2017
NYU freshman Ismail Ibrahim recently founded Salam Clothing, a clothing brand selling t-shirts and hoodies to promote a peaceful Arab narrative within our community.
Too Left, Too Right – Stay Slightly Left

Too Left, Too Right – Stay Slightly Left

Tom Miritello, Contributing Writer February 6, 2017
With NYU being a overwhelmingly liberal school, many students and faculty responded to Gavin McInnes's comments in the same way. However, being intolerant of anyone's ideas to the point of violence is an attack on the First Amendment.
The post-it notes covering Anastasiya Muravyevas  door on Nov. 17 displayed rhetoric commonly employed by white nationalists, like white pride and make America white again.

100 Days of Post-Inaugural Hate

Coco Wang, Deputy News Editor February 1, 2017
The Asian Pacific American Institute has created an online form where people can report hate crimes that occur within the first 100 days of Donald Trump's Presidency.