New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A medium sized brown, orange and white dog sitting on concrete, being pet by a person wearing khaki pants and a black puffer.

Pups in the park

Washington Square Park may be at the center of NYU’s campus, but it is also the stomping grounds for many dog walkers and their adorable pets.
Katie Liao, Staff Writer April 3, 2024

You’ve heard it before: Washington Square Park is the heart of NYU. It’s where students go to picnic, read a book, people-watch, ponder their looming quarter-life crisis or...

The finance bro: An illustration of a man with brown hair wearing a black suit, white shirt and a blue tie standing in front of a red background. The Tisch girl: An illustration of a girl with red hair wearing a light blue shirt, a pair of dark blue trousers and a pair of white shoes laughs in front of a bright pink background. The Gallatin student: An illustration of a girl with dark blue hair wearing a light blue shirt, a pink vest, a long light purple skirt and a pair of dark blue shoes standing in front of a gray background. The film bro: An illustration of a man wearing a red hat, a white shirt with a dark brown jacket, a pair of dark blue trousers and a pair of brown shoes holding up a peace sign in front of a light green background. The It girl: An illustration of a girl with brown hair wearing a light pink hoodie, a pair of light pink sweatpants and a pair of dark brown shoes holding a green cup.

5 students you’re sure to run into this semester

From theater kids to finance bros, here’s a guide to some students you will see during the first week back.
Annie Emans, Contributing Writer January 24, 2024

It’s a new semester, which means new classes and new people you can meet. At every college, there are the cliche characters: the loveable class clown, the artsy loner or the...

Four people sit in the first floor of Bobst Library with purple construction wallpaper with the text REIMAGINING THE LIBRARY’S FIRST FLOOR” behind them.

Bobst Library undergoing first floor remodel

Improvements on the building’s first floor — including new furniture, updated lighting and a redesigned study space layout — will be open next month.
Adrianna Nehme, Bruna Horvath and Krish Dev September 13, 2023

The university is remodeling the first floor of Bobst Library to include new furniture, lighting and study spaces by mid-October — marking the library's first ground floor renovation...

An aerial view of a rendering of Governors Island with various structures surrounded by trees and vegetation, with the skyline of New York City across the water.

NYU named partner in Governors Island climate center project

Students and faculty will have access to classrooms, laboratories and other spaces at the newly announced New York Climate Exchange, set to open on Governors Island in 2028.
Carmo Moniz, News Editor April 25, 2023

NYU will partner with a new $700 million international climate research center on Governors Island, alongside several other universities across the country. Students, faculty and...

A laptop displaying the webpage of N.Y.U.’s Albert course registration system.

Noah Knows Best: Your course load needs to be perfect. Here’s how to make it happen.

Course registration can be a very complicated process, and many wind up unsatisfied with what they choose. Here's a guide on how to pick a schedule that works best for you.
Noah Zaldivar, Staff Writer April 20, 2023

One of the most stressful parts of college is selecting which classes you’re going to take each semester and when you’re going to take them. You log into one of NYU's many...

A manipulated image showing a red broken-heart emoji superimposed against a warped image of the New York City skyline.

Opinion: NYC is the best place to get over heartbreak

Feeling sad at the end of a relationship? Don’t worry: the city streets have plenty to help you recover.
Aksha Mittapalli, Staff Writer April 20, 2023

You just got out of your first long-term relationship since starting at NYU, and you don’t feel any of the freedom or relief you thought you would. It’s not high school. You...

A box of emergency contraceptive pills on a white tabletop. The box reads “Plan B. One-Step.”

Off-Third: NYU takes ‘the city is our campus’ literally, offers off-campus tours to visitors

As university buildings take over the city, leadership ambassadors are taking over the city’s tourism industry.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor February 16, 2023

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. After constant complaints that campus tours were smelly, boring and prone to assault-via-egging, the university has finally announced the...

An illustration of a black car with N.Y.U. Safe Ride logos on the hood and side. On top of the illustration is a smart phone displaying an application named “N.Y.U. Safe Ride.”

Safe Ride launches new app, adds Brooklyn service

The free late-night shuttle service will now operate in both Manhattan and Brooklyn through a new, NYU-specific app.
Adrianna Nehme, Deputy News Editor January 25, 2023

NYU debuted a stand-alone app for Safe Ride — the university’s free late-night rideshare service — and added locations at the university’s Brooklyn campus on Jan. 22. The...

A birds-eye view of the entrance of Bobst Library, where there are glass revolving doors, a security area, and a black, white and grey chequered floor.

Mask mandate removal changes little for mostly maskless students

NYU dropped its mask mandate for classrooms and the library on Sept. 28, but the number of students wearing masks in Bobst on the first day of the policy reversal barely changed.
Katie Groome, Contributing Writer September 29, 2022

The end of NYU’s mask mandate on Wednesday doesn’t seem to have changed much for students, most of whom already weren’t wearing masks. As hundreds of students streamed through...

An illustration of a white postcard with a red stamp in the top right corner. On the postcard are the words “letter to the editor” in a cursive style. Behind the postcard is a closed gray envelope.

Letter to the Editor: Antisemitism on campus

A letter to the editor regarding the Washington Square News' recent coverage and opinion piece on antisemitism on campus, signed by a group of NYU students and administrators.
NYU Students & Administrators February 28, 2022

Dear Editor: Kayla Hardersen’s recent article, “Swastika found outside NYU building last week”, and the subsequent op-ed “Opinion: NYU, be more vigilant against antisemitism”...

Two TVs mounted on the wall behind a help desk at the Bobst Library Computer Center. Both TVs are turned off.

Opinion: Bobst should stop playing CNN on that one TV all the time

Since LL1-16 has been converted into a study space, it should be fully treated as one. Watch Anderson Cooper on your own time.
Jules Roscoe, UTA Staff Editor February 25, 2022

If you spend serious time at Bobst Library, you know about LL1-16. It's the glass-encased room located just off the staircases down from the lobby. Before NYU adjusted its...

An illustration of a hand holding up an iPhone with a camera app open. The back camera frames a sink and the front camera frames a woman in a blue hood. Above the camera app are the words “2 minutes to share what you’re up to.”

Can social media app BeReal deliver on its eponymous promise?

NYU students have mixed feelings on whether the BeReal app provides its users with a truly genuine social media experience.
Derek Kamakanaaloha Soong, Staff Writer February 24, 2022

Like many NYU students, I prefer the casual photo dump to the edited selfie, a preference that’s taken to the extreme by the social media app BeReal: every day, you’re given...