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The interior of Forsyth Fire Escape. In the foreground is a bar area with chairs. In the background, a kitchen area, which has ceilings decorated with Chinese ornaments such as a lantern.

Forsyth Fire Escape serves up fiery fusion at Olly Olly Market

Forsyth Fire Escape’s signature burritos celebrate Caribbean and Southeast Asian cuisine.
Timothy Fraher, Contributing Writer Mar 7, 2023

Nestled in a sea of pop-ups in the Olly Olly Market, Forsyth Fire Escape restaurant is bringing a fiery revival of a Chinatown favorite to Chelsea. When you walk through the...

Two slices of bread lay on top of a transparent, square, glass plate. Bite-sized servings of various types of Ethiopian stew are spread across the bread, as a tasting platter. A glass of a pink drink sits next to the plate.

Ras Plant Based serves Ethiopian authenticity with a plant-based spin

This Crown Heights eatery co-owned by an NYU alum offers vegetarian takes on traditional Ethiopian classics.
Timothy Fraher, Contributing Writer Nov 2, 2022

In a world dominated by fine dining experiences and French-brigade regimentation, the ability to dig in with your hands and take a palmful of salty, savory puree is comforting...