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An illustration of a woman with curly red hair and a gold hair decoration wearing a purple shell-shaped top.

‘The Little Mermaid’ will offer a window into a new world

How Halle Bailey’s portrayal of Ariel positively impacts Black girls and women.
Sydni Johnson, Contributing Writer May 5, 2023

The release of the new live-action “The Little Mermaid” on May 26 may not appeal to everyone, but it will definitely capture the eyes and hearts of many young girls who love...

Noelia Carrasco plays the cello wearing a dark blue sweater.

Grammy-winning NYU student on uplifting Black female composers

Noelia Carrasco, a talented cellist who studies cello performance at NYU, speaks on the process of recording an album at the height of the pandemic and the importance of representation in music.
Sydni Johnson, Contributing Writer Mar 6, 2023

To NYU student Noelia Carrasco, winning awards is nothing new, but being part of the first youth orchestra to win a Grammy Award for Best Orchestral Performance felt different. Carrasco...

Three women stand on stage with a wooden stool in the middle of them. On the left is a woman wearing a blue tank top and black yoga pants holding up both of her fists; on the right is a woman wearing a blue t-shirt and blue jeans holding her right fist over her head; in the middle of them is a woman wearing a gray hoodie and blue jeans trying to stop the other two women from fighting.

Review: ‘FUKT’ reminds us that it’s never too late to redefine ourselves

Emma Goldman-Sherman’s ‘FUKT’ is an uplifting tale that shows how childhood trauma doesn’t ultimately define us.
Sydni Johnson, Contributing Writer Nov 29, 2022

Disclaimer: This article mentions abuse and sexual assault. As I walked into The Tank’s black box theater, I came across a vivid set. A plethora of old letters and photos...