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The interior of a restaurant with a bar counter and many yellow string lights hanging from the ceiling.

Eating with your eyes: Reviewing NYC’s most extravagant restaurants

New York City’s most over-the-top restaurants that never fail to amaze.
Stacia Datskovska, Contributing Writer Mar 6, 2023

When I moved to New York City in the summer of 2021, I immediately began searching for the best places to get food, sorting through endless lists and carefully curated posts on...

A figure dressed in a pink beret stands next to an illustration of a croissant. A text bubble is in between the two that reads “it’s ‘croissant.’”

Off-Third: How to prepare for your returning study abroad friends

They’re going to be insufferable, but it’s best to adapt. They won’t be your average American student anymore.
Stacia Datskovska, Contributing Writer Nov 7, 2022

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. You’ve heard the rumors: people change — I mean, become insufferable — when they return from a semester abroad. Now, it seems like...