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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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Michelle Han

Michelle Han, Opinion Editor

Michelle Han is a junior studying public policy with interests in political communications and law. Besides spending a bit too much time on Politico's feed, she loves almost anything by Didion or Doctorow (a good essay rec. is always appreciated) and spends too much money on purses or coffee. Find her on Instagram @mchellehan.

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An illustration of a white voting ballot with a pen writing in black ink. Behind the ballot is the Empire State Building and the larger New York City skyline.

Opinion: New York, make it easier to get on the ballot

New York state lawmakers’ efforts to reform ballot access laws highlight the need to make running for office more accessible.
Michelle Han, Opinion Editor March 4, 2022

Over at New York’s capital, two Democratic state leaders are pushing for legislation to reform the complicated ballot access laws that deter many potential candidates from running...

(Staff Photo by Camila Ceballos)

Frederick Anderson experiments with texture and color at NYFW

Working with his classic bases of tweeds and mixed silhouettes, designer Frederick Anderson incorporated metallics, tassels and other vivid ornamentations to bring his designs to life.
Michelle Han, Opinion Editor February 15, 2022

Showcased on the main floor of a Hudson Square building complex, the Frederick Anderson Fall/Winter 2022 collection breathed electric vibrance into the paneled, sprawling architecture....

New York state Sen. Liz Krueger, a Democrat, represents District 28 on the eastern side of Manhattan. (Photo courtesy of NYS Senate Media Services)

Opinion: The NYC Board of Elections needs urgent reform

In light of the U.S. Senate’s failure to pass the John Lewis voting rights act, the New York state government must pass a bill to significantly reform the New York City Board of Elections in order to restore trust in democracy.
Michelle Han, Opinion Editor January 27, 2022

Just because Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) thinks the filibuster is more important than letting minorities vote does not mean that New York has to follow suit. The failure of...

Soldiers paraded around New York City on Veteran’s Day. The issue of food insecurity among military families is prominent and concerning. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Opinion: Veterans Day underscores urgency of addressing military food insecurity

The federal government must repeal irrational barriers to food assistance amid the crisis of military food insecurity.
Michelle Han, Deputy Opinion Editor November 17, 2021

Last Thursday, Nov. 11, commemorations for Veterans Day swept across the country. For the first time in two years, NYC’s Veterans Day Parade returned in full flair, flooding...

Last week, Bill de Blasio filed paperwork that set him up for a New York gubernatorial campaign. Before taking further steps, he should address the concerns surrounding his misuse of security detail as mayor and make financial reimbursements to taxpayers. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Opinion: NYC deserves answers and reimbursements from Bill de Blasio

Before rushing to file for the governor’s race, Bill de Blasio should properly address his misuse of security detail as mayor and make appropriate financial reimbursements.
Michelle Han, Deputy Opinion Editor November 4, 2021

With Eric Adams’ mayoral win confirmed Tuesday, Nov. 2, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s time in office is drawing to a close. De Blasio has already begun to prepare for his next political...

On Oct. 18, New York’s police watchdog agency recommended 65 officers be charged with misconduct. In order to hold police officers accountable, the NYPD commissioner should not have the final say in the disciplinary hearings. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Opinion: NYPD officers must be held legally accountable

Recent findings of NYPD officers' misconduct underscore the importance of strict disciplinary accountability.
Michelle Han, Deputy Opinion Editor October 28, 2021

On Oct. 18, in response to an ongoing investigation into over 300 filed complaints of police brutality during the Black Lives Matter protests from the summer of 2020, New York’s...

The Arno river cuts through the city of Florence, the site of NYU’s campus in Italy. NYU’s limits on off-campus student housing options diminish financial accessibility at abroad locations — and impede students from fully experiencing their global study experience. (Staff Photo by Arnav Binaykia)

Opinion: NYU should expand off-campus housing options abroad

NYU’s limitations on students choosing off-campus housing while studying abroad restricts financial accessibility.
Michelle Han, Deputy Opinion Editor October 22, 2021

As pandemic travel restrictions ease up globally, NYU’s Office of Global Programs has resumed planning for study abroad — decisions for spring term applications were...

NYU is partnering with the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times to bring free subscriptions to students. They should work to extend free subscriptions to local news outlets as well. (Staff Photo by Jake Capriotti)

Opinion: NYU should offer free local news subscriptions

NYU should sponsor free digital subscriptions to local news outlets for the university community, just as it does with The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.
Michelle Han, Deputy Opinion Editor October 8, 2021

On Sept. 29, NYU announced its partnership to offer free digital New York Times and Wall Street Journal subscriptions to students, staff and faculty. Given the necessity of an...

The death of #vanlife influencer Gabby Petito and the disappearance of her boyfriend Brian Laundrie has captured national attention. The tragedy of the story is underscored by its underlying issues of mental health and domestic dispute. (Staff Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

Opinion: The true crime of Gabby Petito’s story was domestic violence

The Gabby Petito conversation cannot overlook how our legal system inadequately handles domestic abuse.
Michelle Han, Deputy Opinion Editor September 29, 2021

Content warning: This article discusses domestic abuse.  The case of Gabby Petito, a 22-year-old who was found dead in Wyoming last Tuesday, went viral on social media after...

Ex-councilman Andy King made an appearance at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a Bronx YMCA gym on Sept. 9. Considering his long history of abusive workplace practices, his appearance sends mixed signals regarding accountability for politicians. (Official NYC Council Photo by William Alatriste)

Opinion: Andy King’s ribbon-cutting appearance underscores weak NYC governmental accountability

Making public appearances alongside the ex-councilman after his removal from office for workplace misconduct, New York City politicians send mixed signals on accountability. They must do better by cutting ties with perpetrators and fulfilling their promised audit for sexual harassment policies.
Michelle Han, Deputy Opinion Editor September 27, 2021

On Sept. 9, former councilman Andy King made an appearance at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a YMCA gym in the Bronx. Pictured alongside him were several local politicians, including...

The privatization of housing has become a priority to the NYCHA. This leaves residences dealing with problems such as asbestos and mold. (Photo by Alexandria Johnson)

Opinion: NYCHA’s privatization plans must be put on hold

Ongoing class-action lawsuits filed by tenants of Queensbridge Houses underscore the hazardous living conditions and lack of transparency that characterize the New York City Housing Authority’s transition to private management through the Rental Assistance Demonstration program. Until residents are given a seat at the table, RAD must be put on hold.
Michelle Han, Deputy Opinion Editor September 17, 2021

Asbestos, lead, mold, severe leaking, flooding and vermin infestations: These are just a few of the concerns cited by Queensbridge Houses residents in the ongoing pair of class-action...

On Sept. 1, Hurricane Ida brought unprecedented amounts of rain to New York City and caused alarming floods. The damage has prompted more scrutiny on the citys future environmental agenda. (Staff Photo by Shaina Ahmed)

Opinion: Hurricane Ida highlights need for a more comprehensive climate strategy

The historic devastation Hurricane Ida wrought upon New York underscores the urgency of investing in climate infrastructure. Eric Adams’ climate plans, which remain vague, must prioritize climate resiliency and corporate accountability.
Michelle Han, Deputy Opinion Editor September 13, 2021

Hurricane Ida dumped record levels of rain across New York City on Sept. 1, shutting down packed streets and highways and flooding subway stations. Damage and tragedy overwhelmed...

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the institutions accessible to NYU students through the recently suspended Museum Gateway program. This forced inaccessibility gives us a unique opportunity to re-evaluate our relationships with museums and their legacy. (Photo by Celia Tewey)

Opinion: The Museum Gateway Program suspension is an opportunity to scrutinize our relationship with museums

While we cannot reverse the suspension of NYU’s Museum Gateway program, we can use this time to re-evaluate our relationships with museums and which ones we, as students, receive free admission to.
Michelle Han, Contributing Writer April 22, 2021

NYU’s Museum Gateway program, which offers free museum admission for students, has remained suspended since last fall due to administration’s COVID-related concerns. The student...

NYU climate action must prioritize Indigenous knowledge

NYU climate action must prioritize Indigenous knowledge

In order to combat this climate crisis, we must rework spaces of environmental action to prioritize Indigenous knowledge.
Michelle Han, Contributing Writer March 24, 2021

Though discussions around the climate crisis have taken a back seat to COVID-19, the pandemic has reinforced the speed with which natural disasters can break down our understanding...