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An illustration of New York University’s Bobcat mascot against a purple background, with a red line striking it out. The Bobcat is wearing a dark purple athletic vest with the letters “N.Y.U.” printed on it.

Opinion: The NYU mascot is meaningless. We need a new one.

Do you feel represented as a Bobcat? I don’t.
Matthew Franco, Staff Writer Oct 19, 2022

I looked into NYU’s mascot, and it turns out we aren’t the cute NYU Violets I thought we were. No, we’ve been the NYU Bobcats for almost 40 years. According to NYU’s website,...

The marble facade of the building of the U.S. Supreme Court. The building has eight columns and marble stairs.

Opinion: Affirmative action is the best tool for increasing diversity

The Supreme Court will likely strike down affirmative action in October. But no alternative is as effective for increasing racial diversity at universities.
Matthew Franco, Contributing Writer Apr 28, 2022

Affirmative action is on trial. Its court date is set for October 2022, and the decision will be released sometime in 2023. Given the Supreme Court’s current composition —...

An illustration of a pink background with pink outlines in the shape of hearts, with a comma inside of a larger heart outline in the middle of the illustration.

Off-Third: Give the Oxford comma a break

One little mark is a helpful, clarifying, and necessary breath of fresh air. Stop getting rid of it. 
Matthew Franco, Contributing Writer Apr 21, 2022

I know, I’m late to the conversation. It's been years since debating the Oxford comma was quirky, edgy or indicative of genius-level IQ. But WSN gives me an outlet nonetheless,...

The exterior façade of a college building with golden doors and clear decorated windows as the sun shines on half of the building and people walk on the sidewalk.

Opinion: NYU CAS shouldn’t require a foreign language

Forcing students to take four semesters of one language eliminates other avenues of educational exploration and wastes students’ resources.
Matthew Franco, Contributing Writer Apr 12, 2022

I honestly couldn't tell you what I learned in my Spanish classes. I can remember “me llamo,” “porque” and a couple of funny curse words. I can remember all the skulls...