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Wildair is a small natural wine bar in the Lower East Side. With its appeal of versatility, this place is an ideal place for a date, drinks with friends or a glass of wine enjoyed with some delicious snacks. (Staff photo by Alex Tran)

Lower East Side’s Secret Hideout: Wildair Wine Bar

Come for the wine selection, stay for the chocolate hazelnut tarts.
March 11, 2020

After entering Wildair, a small natural wine bar on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side, it feels as though you have stumbled upon a gem hidden right under your nose. The music...

Sofreh - a warm, inviting Persian restaurant with a dreamy feel near Barclays Center. (Staff photo by Anna-Dmitry Muratova)

Sofreh Is Sofreh-king Good

Sofreh’s amicable service, chic ambience and lavish plates of Persian food make it worth the trip to Brooklyn — and the high prices.
February 5, 2020

When you first enter the warm, inviting oasis of Sofreh, a pricey Persian restaurant near Barclays Center, the scent of tantalizing spices floods your nostrils, stimulating an...

The Fat Radish is a British inspired farm-to-table trendy eatery located in the Lower East Side. (Staff Photo by Jorene He)

The Fat Radish Freshens up Food

Enjoy the Earth’s bounty with the simple dishes at The Fat Radish.
April 29, 2019

When my waiter first introduced himself at The Fat Radish — a veggie-centric restaurant in the Lower East Side — he emphasized that it was a great night for business, as everyone...

Psychedelic Drugs Heal, Too

Psychedelic Drugs Heal, Too

The stigma behind psychedelic drugs takes away from the potential healing properties they can have.
March 4, 2019

When pondering the use of hallucinogenic or psychedelic drugs, bizarre trips, partying and high psychological risks may often come to mind. But while the drugs can pose a threat...

The Misleading Nature of Veganism

The Misleading Nature of Veganism

A vegan-based diet does not always indicate you’re eating the healthiest choice.
February 11, 2019

In the complex, polarizing world of nutrition and diets, people tend to favor black and white rules to answer their questions. But simple answers are not available nor possible...

Organic Coconut Melt from Kopari Beauty. (via koparibeauty.com)

Natural Products That’ll Keep You Glowing Through the Winter

Snow and wind are no excuse for dull cheeks.
December 5, 2018

Self-care is an essential aspect of your overall health and wellbeing. The holiday season may seem like a time to slack off from a self-care routine, but it actually couldn't be...

Good Thanks Cafe at 3103, 131 Orchard Street. (Photo by Tony Wu)

Are Australian Cafes New York’s New Trend?

What’s so hot about brunch from down under?
November 5, 2018

While New York City sits under snow for most of the winter months, Australia is just heating up for summer. Though the cold weather has some of us feeling blue, the city’s latest...

Some students elect to use fake IDs for nights out before they turn 21. (Photo by Sam Klein)

Fake (ID) It ‘til You Make It

Some say you can't survive college in NYC without a fake — but is it true?
October 19, 2018

Fake IDs are a common asset among high school students and even more so amongst college students. However, in order to successfully reap the benefits of a fake, one must employ...

Culture is a small, independently owned frozen yogurt shop housed in a quaint and easily overlooked space in Greenwich Village.

Photo: Fuss Free Froyo at Culture

September 27, 2018

Culture is a small, independently owned frozen yogurt shop housed in a quaint and easily overlooked space in Greenwich Village.