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Erica Miller wears a white jersey and white shorts. She is dribbling a basketball past the opposing team’s defense.

Women’s basketball wins ranked matchup against Tufts University

The Violets extended their undefeated record with a win over No. 13 Tufts University this weekend. 
Kyle Yuan, Staff Writer Dec 13, 2022

In its first matchup against a ranked opponent this season, the No. 2 NYU women’s basketball team defeated No. 13 Tufts University 74-54 on Sunday, Dec. 11.  The Violets...

Belle Pellecchia, the NYU women’s basketball team’s guard, holds a basketball in one hand while running.

Women’s basketball finishes on top in NYU Tip-Off Classic

The Violets opened their season with two wins this past weekend.
Kyle Yuan, Staff Writer Nov 15, 2022

NYU women’s basketball kicked off its season with two wins in the NYU Tip-Off Classic this past weekend. The Violets started on Saturday with a formidable performance against...

A basketball player wearing an N.Y.U. team uniform jumps up from the ground, holding a basketball. Her right hand is reaching for the hoop. Other players run toward her.

Women’s basketball expects success in upcoming season

The returning players of the women's basketball team hope to pave the way to the league championships.
Kyle Yuan, Staff Writer Nov 2, 2022

Last season, the NYU women’s basketball team finished in the Elite 8, its best playoff run in the past decade. The Violets soared past teams in the University Athletic Association...

Two members of NYU’s women volleyball team pass a volleyball ball through the net to the opposing team dressed in red.

Women’s volleyball defeats two ranked opponents at NYU Showdown

The Violets prepare for the final stretch of the season after they capitalized in a hard-fought tournament this past weekend.
Kyle Yuan, Staff Writer Oct 12, 2022

The NYU women’s volleyball team faced off in the NYU Showdown, a two-day event this weekend, and competed against No. 8 Calvin University, No. 9 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater,...