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Kiersten Dugan

Kiersten Dugan, Under the Arch Editor

Kiersten Dugan is a sophomore at the College of Arts and Science studying journalism and international relations. You can find her buying $8 chai lattes and power-walking to class or on Instagram @kierstendug.

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On the NYU basketball court, the NYU Women’s Basketball team stands in a line. Players are clapping the other basketball team’s hands as they walk in the opposite direction.

Graduating from school and from sports

Kiersten Dugan, UTA Portraits Editor May 6, 2022
Though NYU isn’t known for its athletics, being on sports teams has been transformative for these three seniors.
Dugan described moving to New York City for college as the start of a new journey. (Image courtesy of Kiersten Dugan)

The library of my mind

In this personal narrative, Features Editor Kiersten Dugan illustrates the inner workings of her mind.
Kiersten Dugan, Features Editor Dec 9, 2021

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of a Library." —Jorge Luis Borges As I prepared to leave my home and start my journey somewhere new, I thought about every...