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Jelena Kovačević became Dean of NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering

First Ever Female Dean at Tandon Begins New Role

Tandon's new dean is lauded by colleagues for her academic prowess.
Kenneth Jung, Contributing Writer Sep 6, 2018
Kovačević is the first woman to lead the school, which was founded as Polytechnic University in 1854 and merged with NYU in 2014.
Protestors hold signs at a UCATS rally last November. This rally was one of many representations of the tension that late 2017 saw between UCATS and NYU.

Wages Increase as Union Ratifies Six-Year Contract With NYU

Kenneth Jung, Contributing Writer Jan 31, 2018
The Union of Clerical, Administrative, and Technical Staff Local 3882 (UCATS), which represents over 1,400 NYU employees has passed changes to the contract signed with NYU in December. The changes include wage increases, paid parental leave, insurance, and perfect attendance bonuses.
Colorized scanning electron micrograph of E. Coli bacteria. NYUAD students have created an affordable device that detects E. Coli in twenty minutes.

NYUAD Students Win Gold for Portable E. coli Detection Device

Kenneth Jung, Contributing Writer Jan 24, 2018
The NYUAD students' invention detects E. Coli in twenty minutes and costs just four dollars.
NYU has received the highest application rate passing 75,000 applicants for the Class of 2022.

NYU Receives Over 75,000 Applications for Class of 2022

Kenneth Jung, Contributing Writer Jan 23, 2018
NYU is opening a new admissions center because of the record number of applications that it received this year.
Toussie organized an event called “NYU: Giving Back with Meal Swipes,” where students used their meal swipes to purchase packaged meals and donate them to a homeless shelter.

NYU Students Repurpose Excess Meal Swipes

Kenneth Jung, Contributing Writer Dec 4, 2017
Stern freshman Nancy Toussie organized an event on called NYU: Giving Back with Meal Swipes