Savannah Mota’s Sun-Conscious Skincare Routine

Let’s Face It is a series where students share their beauty and skincare essentials.

Let’s Face It is a series where people share their beauty and skincare holy grail essentials. (via Pexels)

Arizona native and CAS first-year Savannah Mota is used to the scorching heat of the Southwest and having to ensure her skin-care is SPF-protected. Throughout her childhood, Savannah enjoyed experimenting with her mom’s face masks and makeup. Now a student at NYU, Savannah is working toward a career in dermatology or plastic surgery.

“What got me really interested in skincare were the Dr. Pimple Popper videos,” Mota said. “I was thinking to myself, ‘Wow, what a fun job to have!’ and then I actually did research on it, and now I’m here.”

Even after trading the hot and dry climate of the desert for the unpredictable temperatures of the city, Savannah has stayed loyal to her favorite brand: Milk Makeup. To start off the day, Savannah uses the Matcha Cleanser from Milk, preferring the solid texture to its liquid or gel counterparts. She finds it easier to control and likes how she doesn’t have to touch her face with dirty hands. Next, she follows up with the Matcha Toner from Milk and the Eucerin Daily Hydration Lotion for moisturizer. On treat yourself days, Savannah’s favorite sheet masks are the Celavi Collagen Face Masks, which are available on Amazon for a budget-friendly price of $8.49 for a 10-pack.

When getting ready for class, Savannah starts her makeup routine with Sunshine Skin Tint foundation from — you guessed it — Milk Makeup. 


“I’ve probably re-bought this foundation like five times. I’m obsessed! The application is really easy, and it [has] SPF, which is really important in Arizona but not so much here,” she said.

The next steps to her routine are the Flex Concealer and Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder, both from Milk Makeup. Even though it’s not on-brand, Savannah raves about Pixi Beauty’s Fresh Face Blush, deeming it the “best thing she’s ever used in her life.” Lastly, she uses any mascara on hand and brushes her eyebrows out before heading off to a General Chemistry or Biology lecture.

For those who are still struggling with skincare, Savannah advises remaining optimistic and sticking to your routine.

“You could be using the best products on the market, but hormones and genetics have a lot to do with it,” she said.

If it is an option, Savannah recommends going on birth control to reign in hormones and reduce acne. Still, even simple lifestyle changes such as working out and drinking water regularly will make a huge difference.

Additionally, Savannah says that it’s never too late to take extra steps to start anti-aging, including using products with SPF and moisturizing often.

Even though Savannah vows to branch out a bit from Milk, she insists that it’s best to find a brand of skincare or makeup that you really trust, as its products will all have similar ingredients and your skin will get used to them easily. So all of you Glossier loyalists can rest easy; if your routine is working for you, don’t worry about changing it.

A version of this article appears in the Monday, Oct. 7, 2019, print edition. Email Gaby Baldovino at [email protected]



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