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A group of people standing in a studio space, with models and backdrops behind them, at the Nicholas Raefeski show.

Spring’s on the way at New York Men’s Day

The New York Men’s Day showcase for Fall/Winter 2023 displayed a strong mix of outerwear and prints, emphasizing that seasons don’t need to dictate fashion.
Anthony Offiah, Contributing Writer Feb 13, 2023

Two models wearing similar yellow dresses with Chinese characters written across them walking side by side down a runway with the audience sitting in the back.

NewLeaper celebrates the intersection of sustainability and artistic expression

NewLeaper’s collections hone in on personal expression, sustainability and fashion as an art form.
Anthony Offiah, Contributing Writer Sep 12, 2022

NewLeaper, a fashion management agency, showcased its greenest designers at this season’s New York Fashion Week. Featured collections included Charlotte Siu’s SISIO "Bipolar"...