Hang in There: It’s Only a Hangover

Alice Li
Hangovers are like roller coasters - just like the one from Winter Wonderland in London.

It’s the Saturday morning trifecta: the throbbing headache, shaky stomach and dreaded grogginess. Hangovers are a painful reminder of that one last shot you knew you couldn’t handle or the water you should have chugged but didn’t. The more you drink, the worse the hangover, though it’s difficult to objectively assess just how much alcohol will result in a hangover.

Take it as a lesson to drink responsibly. But if you happen to find yourself regretting one too many drinks, start by drinking some water and taking some advice from NYU students.

NYU students seem to emphasize the importance of hydration in the recovery process. If you didn’t care much about getting a sip of water in between alcoholic beverages, that may be the reason you’re hungover. Alcohol dehydrates your body, so while it may be too late to try to prevent a hangover by hydrating, downing a glass of water is always a good combative strategy.

Stern sophomore Marisa Zaldivar stresses that getting fluids into your system is vital for the morning after a session of heavy drinking. Her advice is simple: take in some water, and chase it with something hearty.

“[Drink] lots of water,” Zaldivar said, “followed by coffee and a bagel.”

Nights at the bar can take away from some much needed snooze. While it may seem ineffective — and even counterintuitive — since you weren’t hungover before you called it a night, LS sophomore Sophia Tusi’s cure for a hangover includes sleeping it off.

“Sleep and water,” Tusi said.

LS freshman Tiffany Jung has heard that in addition to water, there are other beverages and sources of sustenance that may help victims of a hangover jump-start their recovery.

“Drink orange juice, a lot of water and tea,” said Jung. “And take vitamins.”

Some even swear by some much-debated cures. It has been shown that coffee can either help prevent a headache if you tend to depend on caffeine or worsen an existing headache if you do not, although there’s no substantive evidence swaying the verdict either way

LS sophomore Iyal Basen suggests that coffee is what works for him.

“Strong coffee,” he said.

A night at the bar and a morning in recuperation are the swings and roundabouts of drinking. NYU students certainly have a range of expertise, but take all purported cures with a grain of salt, and remember that the best cure is always prevention.

Editor’s note: You must be of the legal drinking age to incur these morning-after damages. WSN does not condone or advocate for underage drinking.

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