Staff Rants: NYU’s re-reopening

From gatekeeping masks to the lack of a remote option, our staff had a lot to say about NYU’s plan for reopening.

WSN Staff

On inconsistent restrictions

Caitlin Hsu — UTA Publishing Editor

Tell me why a 100-person lecture can be fully in person but we have to do newspaper production over Zoom. 

On foolishness

Kevin Kurian — Opinion Editor

It seems insane that professors aren’t required to give a remote option. People are going to go to lectures while they have COVID-19. A mandatory remote option is a no-brainer and NYU should do the right thing. 

On general fatigue

Kristian Burt — News Editor

I’m tired. 

On Andy Hamilton’s gatekeeping

Asha Ramachandran — Deputy Managing Editor

NYU is taking at most one good step for public health — the new mask policy. But then it has to go and screw that up too by letting everybody know at the last possible minute. And not to mention the $5.8 billion endowment but no free N95s? I know Andy Hamilton could take a tiny cut to his $1 million salary to keep disabled and immunocompromised students safer. He’s really gatekeeping the quality masks and getting a million dollars out of it. 

On injustice

Srishti Bungle — Deputy Opinion Editor

NYU reopening shows a casual, disgusting disregard for our disabled and at-risk classmates. I’ve said my piece on this and won’t stop speaking out against ableist policy. 

On public transit 

Michelle Han — Opinion Editor

When NYU resumes but the metro still hasn’t ​​​:( We love doubled commute times.

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