Staff Rants: Parties

From tailgates to sobriety, our staff has a lot of opinions on parties.

On Tailgating 

Helen Wajda, Opinion Editor

I enjoy hanging out with my friends as much as the next person, but I will never understand the appeal of tailgate parties. Why would I want to hang outside of an event for hours? Am I supposed to enjoy sitting in uncomfortable chairs and eating food from the back of a car while I wait to get into a sporting event that I’m probably not at all interested in to begin with? I’m just thankful I go to a school where football games and the boring tailgate parties that come with them don’t exist.

On Personal Choices

Anna-Dmitry Muratova, Under the Arch Managing Editor 

If someone at a party tells you they don’t drink — don’t question them! Just let them sip on their nonalcoholic beverage of choice. A party doesn’t have an environment conducive for an in-depth discussion about an important decision they’ve made for themselves. Like, I wouldn’t want to shout my vulnerable answer with “WAP” blasting in the background (great song, though). Nobody would! If you’re truly interested: ask them later, in private and give them the option to not answer. Sometimes the reasons might be too personal to share, or they might not have a relationship close enough with you to discuss it. Sobriety’s different for everyone. 

On Partying During COVID-19

Bianca de Ayala, Deputy Opinion Editor

You literally don’t need to party right now. We have so many more years and opportunities to party, so just be considerate of the current situation. If we all wait now, you can party later. Please, I beg of you. I understand the horniness may be overwhelming. To this, I recommend you just treat yourself to a sex toy. We don’t need to kill more people because you can’t handle not getting black out drunk and having bad, forgettable sex for a couple of weeks.

On Not Attending Parties 

Alexandra Chan, Multimedia Editor 

I’ve never been to a party. Hi, mom! Also, I’m not lying, Aunt Stacy.

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