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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Staff Rants: Coronavirus

From the loss of indoor seating to general annoyance, our staff has a lot to say about the coronavirus.
Charlie Dodge

On The Loss of Public Seating 

Helen Wajda, Opinion Editor

One thing living through a pandemic has taught me is that I rely entirely too much on public seating to get me through the day. There is nothing I’d rather do right now than go to a coffee shop and sit down inside for a few hours while I pretend to be doing homework like a protagonist in a cliche movie, but instead all I can do is sit outside and worry the whole time that it’ll start raining or I’ll get COVID-19.

On Wearing Masks 

Jake Capriotti, Multimedia Editor

Following my evacuation from New York back to Arizona back in March, I had begun a quarantine in my house for two weeks, not leaving at all during that initial two-week period and only leaving for essential trips and work after that. I did not use the time I was afforded to go out and party or go to any large social gatherings as I saw what was going on in New York and took that as a warning for what could happen in my state soon. I cannot say that my fellow Arizonans heeded the warnings that the New York State government had made in regards to the virus as I saw people I grew up with going out to parties and even protesting the suggestions made by Gov. Doug Ducey, who said wearing masks was only a suggestion and not a statewide mandate. I was frustrated to say the least. Wear a mask, people.

On a Lack of Attention 

Emily Dai, Opinion Editor

Coronavirus this, coronavirus that. Can we talk about me for a second?

On Wearing Masks, Again

Nicole Chiarella, Copy Chief

Coronavirus sucks. I don’t know if I can even find a new thing to complain about. All I have left to say is: wear a mask, socially distance and when in doubt, wear a mask. Wear. A. Mask.

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About the Contributors
Helen Wajda, Opinion Editor
Helen is a junior double majoring in Childhood/Special Education and English. She's from Upstate New York (actually Upstate, not Westchester) and enjoys making extremely specific playlists when she's not writing. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @helenwajda.
Jake Capriotti, Photo Editor
Jake is a senior at Tisch studying film and television and has been with WSN since Spring 2020. He is an Arizona native and that is his one personality trait. Outside of WSN, Jake specializes in portraiture, performance and unit stills photography as well as being the official photographer for the NYC OffBrnd Dance Team. You can find him on Instagram @capriotti.jake and maybe he'll DM you some memes.
Emily Dai, Opinion Editor
Emily is a sophomore studying Politics and Economics. She is from Richmond, Virginia and is passionate about presidents, Pride and Prejudice and public transportation. Reach her on Instagram @emliydai for podcast recommendations and Supreme Court discourse.
Nicole Chiarella, Copy Chief
Nicole Chiarella is a sophomore in CAS majoring in English and history, and minoring in Journalism. Fun fact: you can check previous versions of her bio to see all the different minors she said she was gonna do. Nicole was born and raised in Miami, though she considers herself an honorary New Yorker. She loves — LOVES — Saturday Night Live, and all things Broadway. When she's not copy chiefing or rewatching SNL skits, you can find her wandering around Central Park (with her best friend of course) or taking her third nap of the day. Find her on her Instagram too @nickynix_521!
Charlie Dodge, Creative Director
Charlie Dodge is a cartoonist/writer/junior at Gallatin studying 21st Century Storytelling. Originally a Californian, she has once again taken refuge in NYC this semester. She loves museums (especially the free ones) and has aspirations for a future curatorial career. Charlie frequently collaborates with Leo Sheingate, and posts way too many photos on Instagram @muckrakerdodge.
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