Staff Rants: Coronavirus

From the loss of indoor seating to general annoyance, our staff has a lot to say about the coronavirus.

On The Loss of Public Seating 

Helen Wajda, Opinion Editor

One thing living through a pandemic has taught me is that I rely entirely too much on public seating to get me through the day. There is nothing I’d rather do right now than go to a coffee shop and sit down inside for a few hours while I pretend to be doing homework like a protagonist in a cliche movie, but instead all I can do is sit outside and worry the whole time that it’ll start raining or I’ll get COVID-19.

On Wearing Masks 

Jake Capriotti, Multimedia Editor

Following my evacuation from New York back to Arizona back in March, I had begun a quarantine in my house for two weeks, not leaving at all during that initial two-week period and only leaving for essential trips and work after that. I did not use the time I was afforded to go out and party or go to any large social gatherings as I saw what was going on in New York and took that as a warning for what could happen in my state soon. I cannot say that my fellow Arizonans heeded the warnings that the New York State government had made in regards to the virus as I saw people I grew up with going out to parties and even protesting the suggestions made by Gov. Doug Ducey, who said wearing masks was only a suggestion and not a statewide mandate. I was frustrated to say the least. Wear a mask, people.

On a Lack of Attention 

Emily Dai, Opinion Editor

Coronavirus this, coronavirus that. Can we talk about me for a second?

On Wearing Masks, Again

Nicole Chiarella, Copy Chief

Coronavirus sucks. I don’t know if I can even find a new thing to complain about. All I have left to say is: wear a mask, socially distance and when in doubt, wear a mask. Wear. A. Mask.

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