Housing Guide 2019

Pamela Jew
(Photo by Sam Klein)

New York City has a lot of hells: Times Square on New Year’s Eve, Penn Station at rush hour, the halal cart line at 3 a.m. on a frigid, drunken Saturday night. But apartment hunting in New York City tops all of those. Unlike the aforementioned hells, whose frights are merely fleeting, the hunt can last anywhere from a week to six months — that is, if you’re putting down a down payment for some luxury apartment in a Midtown high-rise. (You rich b-tch.) If you’re an NYU student, you’re fighting it out with the East Village rascals or the Bushwick baddies, or maybe you’re taking the safe route and just battling on the NYU Housing portal grounds. No matter what your situation is, finding a place to live isn’t a smooth ride. Roommates, grumpy landlords, broker fees, IKEA furniture, parents helping (or not helping) — these are the great woes of moving. 

But fear not, for the WSN Housing Guide is here to ease some of your back-aching pain. No, we’re not StreetEasy, Craigslist or the peak hub of New York City real estate, NYU Free and For Sale, but we’re here to present the pros and cons of NYU’s upperclassmen housing options, the bleak side of inclusive housing, a nosy peak into other NYU students’ off-campus apartments and some really aww-inducing photos of emotional support animals. 

I dedicate this issue to the gas leak in my apartment, my landlord George and the New York Fire Department. Without them, I wouldn’t have been exposed to such poisonous gases and then saved from those very same dangers. Oh, and shoutout to my new stove. My former stove — rot in hell, you gas-leaking whore. 







—Pamela Jew, Under the Arch Managing Editor

Explore upperclassmen options that NYU Housing provides for sophomores to super seniors.
By Sam Klein, Managing Editor
Photos by Alana Beyer, Polina Buchak, Min Ji Kim, Sam Klein, Gavin Koepke, Veronica Liow, Justin Park, Alina Patrick, Katie Peurrung

Hundreds of undergraduates populate NYU residence halls, but so do a handful of faculty members’ children.
By Yasmin Gulec, Under the Arch Editor
Photos by Katie Peurrung, Under the Arch Multimedia Editor

In theory, NYU’s gender neutral housing is there to ensure the safety and comfort of transgender, non-binary and gender-nonconforming students. But does it work in practice?
By Anna Muratova, Under the Arch Deputy Editor
Photos by Justin Park, Under the Arch Deputy Multimedia Editor

Puppies and bunnies and kitties, oh my! Getting emotional support animals approved to live in NYU housing is a lengthy process, but for these students, having an ESA at school makes all the difference on their mental health.
By Natalie Chinn, Under the Arch Editor
Photos by Katie Peurrung, Under the Arch Multimedia Editor

Living the New York City dream is not cheap. It’s even harder when you pay your own way.
By Yasmin Gulec, Under the Arch Editor
Photos by Katie Peurrung and Justin Park, Under the Arch Multimedia Editor and Under the Arch Deputy Multimedia Editor

They say you shouldn’t mix work and home life, but for these students, that’s impossible. After all, their roommates are their collaborators.
By Bela Kirpalani, Deputy Managing Editor
Photos by Alana Beyer, Multimedia Editor

A love letter to a former roommate: you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.
By Maxine Flasher-Duzgunes, Voices Editor
Illustration by Sophia Di Iorio, Creative Director

Lived In

Three NYU students take us into their off-campus apartments and share how they got the place and their experience living there. 
Interviews by Joel Lee, Under the Arch Deputy Editor
Videography by Justin Park, Under the Arch Deputy Multimedia Editor



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