End of NYU mask mandate planned for Sept. 28

As part of the updated policy, masks will no longer be required in classrooms or in Bobst Library, and event hosts, faculty and supervisors will not be allowed to require masking within a specific space. The weekly testing requirement for unvaccinated individuals will also be removed.


Charlie Dodge

(Charlie Dodge for WSN)

Arnav Binaykia, Editor-in-Chief

NYU will drop its mask mandate on Wednesday, Sept. 28, marking the end of a two-year-long requirement for students and employees in academic settings, according to a draft of an upcoming universitywide communication obtained by WSN.

Students and faculty will no longer be required to wear masks in classrooms or other academic settings such as Bobst Library, or on university transportation services. Event hosts, faculty and workplace supervisors will not be allowed to require mask wearing in any space.

After the new policy comes into effect, the only times masks will still be required will be in healthcare settings, such as at the Student Health Center, and for those who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have had a recent exposure to the virus.

The university plans to announce a number of other updates to its COVID-19 policies on Sept. 28, including, most notably, removing the requirement that unvaccinated people with approved exemptions must regularly test for COVID-19 in order to enter NYU buildings. Campus visitors will still be required to submit proof of vaccination.

Other upcoming changes include allowing eating and drinking in all campus spaces, and the removal of special masking and distancing requirements for performing arts activities.

According to the draft communication, university officials wish to emphasize that the choices of those who choose to continue wearing a mask on campus should be respected and welcomed. No one can be asked to remove a mask if they wish to wear one, the communication states.

These changes, which are to come shortly after the removal of the mask mandate on public transport and the reopening of campus spaces to outside visitors, mark the removal of some of the final vestiges of NYU’s COVID-19-related restrictions. Earlier this year, NYU partially eased its indoor masking requirements, making masks optional in residence halls, gyms and community spaces.

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