Erigo celebrates their 10th year in the fashion industry with their first appearance at NYFW

Erigo’s newest collection, ERIGO X, plays with color and accessories.

Li-Chun Pan, Contributing Writer

Erigo, founded by Muhammad Sadad in 2012, is an Indonesian fashion brand that seeks to be gender neutral and produce affordable and sustainable fashion. Their collection ERIGO X marks their first appearance at New York Fashion Week, representing trends found in everyday wear, activewear and formal wear. 

Set against a vivid orange backdrop, Sadad’s collection showcased his colorful spin on everyday wear with hot pink windbreakers, oversized t-shirts and strappy heels. Models walked around a vast space under an orange-tinted light that shimmered and glistened across the moving garments. A majority of the outfits were neon orange, which juxtaposed with the orange-tinted light, creating a unique union between the space and clothing.  

(Photo by Li-Chun Pan) (Li-Chun Pan)

The star of the night was a long black jumpsuit girded with a belt and paired with neon yellow strappy heels. It is a transitional fall-to-winter piece perfect for New York’s brisk weather. With a high slit and buttons coming up both sides of the legs, the outfit was the statement piece of the entire collection. 

(Photo by Li-Chun Pan) (Li-Chun Pan)

The first model of the show walked on stage in a full neon-pink jumpsuit with neon-green heels. As each model walked out, you couldn’t help but notice the subtle colors saturating the designs. From the bright hues to the upbeat music, this show was reminiscent of the 1980s. 

Models were seen with high ponytails, bucket hats, saddle bags, sunglasses, necklaces and belts which added to the sanguine feel of the collection. The series played with layering, too — crop tops with jackets — to create timeless, youthful pieces perfect for everyday wear. 

What distinguishes the ERIGO X collection is each piece’s ability to mix and match, to be timeless and minimal. The show was put together, but not too extravagant. The label is affordable and sustainable. It is a must have for those who want to spice up their wardrobe with pops of color. 

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