Sex on the Square: NYU-themed sex positions

What better way to show school spirit than by adding some NYU flavor to your sex life?  


Aaliya Luthra

(Illustration by Aaliya Luthra)

Rachel Fadem and Shreya Tomar

College is a great time to explore your sexual preferences, and trying out new sex positions can be a great way to switch things up. Here are nine NYU-themed sex positions for your next sexpedition. 

Sorry to those of you in dorms — only some of these positions will work in your twin XL. If you want to explore some of the more complex positions on this list, you’ll need to find someone who lives in an apartment. 

[Sex on the Square is going to talk about a range of serious and fun topics and we wanted to start off with something lighter and entertaining. To send us your questions or experiences for future articles, fill out this form.]

1. The Stern Curve 

This Stern curve won’t hurt your GPA, but it will have you investing in pleasure.

An illustration of a male and female figure in a spooning position against a dark purple background.How to: Start by lying on the bed, one partner spooning the other. When you feel cozy enough in that position, the receiving partner — little spoon — leans in and puts their legs in between their partner’s legs. The penetrating partner can hold the receiving partner’s hips for deeper thrusts. 

2. The Washington Square Arch

You too can become a beautiful New York City landmark.

An illustration of a female figure lying down with her hips lifted in midair on the other female figure's hips. The other female figure kneels behind with their hands behind their head.How to: One partner lies down and holds their hips in the air — you can put a pillow underneath for support. The other holds their partner’s hips or waist and moves in to penetrate.

3. The Torch Club 

Join The Torch Club by introducing a toy to your sexual routine. Solo or partnered, this is a great way to light up your sex life.

An diagonally split illustration of a female figure lying down and masturbating with a vibrator and a pair in a cowgirl position with the female also using a vibrator.How to: Solo — simply lie on your back or side, and place the sex toy anywhere you want to feel pleasure. No limits for this one! 

Partnered — Get in your most comfortable sex position, and place the toy wherever you’d like to feel pleasure, whether it’s on you or on your partner. 

4. The Marriage Pact 

Are you a hopeful romantic? Always looking to put a ring on it? This intimate position is the way to go.  

An illustration of two pairs of female-male figures in a lotus position, with a female figure sitting on top of a male figure, against a dark background.How to: The penetrating partner sits with their legs crossed in a comfortable position. The receiving partner sits on top, facing the other. Both of you wrap your arms around each other, making eye-contact.  

5. The Welcome Week

Did you make new friends during Welcome Week, but are out of events to attend? Here’s an idea to consummate those new connections.

An illustration of two male figures, one lying down and another kneeling while double-penetrating a female figure in between them. Another female figure kneels on the right.How to: One of the partners lies down on their back, and one sits on top. The other partner moves behind to penetrate. The receiving partner can agree to a double penetration or can simply rub against the partner on the bottom. The remaining partner(s) can play with themselves, each other or simply watch the others in action. The roles can be switched throughout to make sure everyone feels welcomed. 

6. The Valedictorian 

You don’t have to wait four years to become valedictorian. You can spread your legs and become one today.

n illustration of a male wearing a graduation cap and another male figure in a missionary position with their legs straight up by his shoulders.How to: The receiving partner lies on their back with their legs spread into a “V” shape towards their head. The penetrating partner moves in. 

7. The Tisch Tripod 

Take a break from getting behind or in front of the camera and find a new collaborative art with The Tisch Tripod.

An illustration of a male and female figure in a ballet-esque position against a dark purple background.How to: Stand facing each other. The receiving partner should lift one of their legs — whichever feels the most comfortable — and wrap it around the penetrating partner’s hips. The penetrating partner should hold on to their partner’s leg for balance and deeper penetration. 

8. The Cantor Line

Unlike the line to NYU Cantor Film Center, a spot in this line is worth the wait.

An illustration of a foursome. From right to left, a female figure wearing a strap-on performs anal sex on a male figure. The male figure is engaged in doggystyle with another female figure, who is performing oral sex on the female figure on the left.How to: One partner lies down with their legs spread. The second partner will lie in between their legs to give them oral. Then, the third partner will get in between the second partner’s legs to either give them oral or penetrate. The fourth partner also moves in behind the third partner to either give them oral or penetrate. Any remaining partners follow the same pattern, forming a line.

Bone + us: The Tandon 

Just because Tandon is so far away, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a fun time. All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection and a charged screen. 

How to: Turn on the camera and get in your favorite position. Clearly share what you both would like to see from each other. You can start with dirty talk, gradually directing each other throughout the experience. You can also share screens and watch your preferred porn together.

Illustrations by Aaliya Luthra

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