C+plus, where’s the plus factor?

C+plus’ 2022 Spring/Summer Collection embraces minimalism and refuses innovation.

By Nirbhay Chatani, Contributing Writer

C+plus SERIES, founded in 2018 by C.T. Liu, is a fashion label that emphasizes graceful simplicity and pragmatism — part of a new age where minimalism down to the minutiae of each piece is highlighted. At its heart, Liu’s collection aspires to possess balance and turmoil with fragility yet structural integrity.

C+ strives to put forth collections that exudes the “presentiment” that is its namesake. Liu suggests that C+’s objective is to present a poetic collection that not only is avant-garde, but also celebrates the symbiotic relationship between harmony and turbulence. In other words, C+ aims to pay homage to the volatile nature of our current reality, specifically against the backdrop of the pandemic.

The core of C+ has been moulded with a palette dominated by shades of the moon, from ash-grey bell-bottom jeans and wide-collared cropped indigo silk shirts to monotonous pearly white suits. Liu’s collection is perhaps more polarizing than Birkenstock sandals. For all of its well-executed highs, there are dispiriting lows. The voluminous, ruffled jean jacket with amber patchwork strikingly similar to a fox’s reddish coat left me exultant. But a bad feeling reigned supreme as models sashayed out in monochromatic coat dresses and pantsuits. Simply put, the collection was not revolutionary. 

To Liu’s credit, the best part lay in the unapologetic jewelry and makeup. From tinsel-sprawled makeup to orblike earrings and silver pearl chokers, the regalia that accompanied the clothing was not only the collection’s saving grace, but also lent a futuristic theme to Liu’s attempt. 

All things considered, Liu’s collection offers a somewhat modernist approach to tried and true pieces. The lack of subversiveness did leave me in a state of presentiment, so I suppose he managed to create the aesthetic he hoped for. Liu does, by all means, walk the walk — but it’s a pity he does so straight down the middle of the road.

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