Father-daughter dance ban faulty logic

A Rhode Island school district recently declared the long-standing school tradition unconstitutional. Some cry overreaction.

Rethinking what we enjoy on our televisions

In the wake of Fox News' recent airing of an apparent suicide, we have to reflect on and question the reasons we derive entertainment from the misfortune of others.

U.S. Airport security policies impose discriminatory practices

The Transportation Security Association's profiles on certain nationalities and imposes discriminatory search policies on them.

Romney’s column offers no answer to foreign policy

Republican presidential candidate criticizes Obama's handling of foreign policy yet offers no alternate plan of action.

Religion vs. law: equal battle

It is important to understand that whether one chooses religion over law or law over religion, it is a choice he or she makes.

Early voting laws cause partisan conflict

As election day looms on the horizon, Republicans have been fighting for early voting law restrictions while Democrats want more lenient laws.

Right-wing easy targets for late-night TV

Shows like SNL, The Daily Show and The Tonight Show appear to be influencing the votes of undecided independents.

New pro-bono rule fills need for legal services

The Supreme Court's new prerequisite for aspiring lawyers to put in at least 50 hours of volunteer work fills a dire need for legal services in public cases.

Tension and chaos in the Middle East continue to plague Western relations

The revolutionary spirit in the Middle East leaves citizens vulnerable during a volatile transitional period.

We cannot equate justice and retribution

In the wake of the assassination of Osama bin Laden, justice and retribution come into question

Election Day not only for deciding President

While most of the focus on the upcoming Nov. 6 election centers around the presidential race, the real stakes lie in congressional campaign.

NYU school spirit dims after welcome week

Even though NYU is one of the largest universities in the country, the apparent level of traditional school spirit is up for debate.