Latinos played an important role in the 2012 election

Latinos played an important role in helping Obama snag a second term. What are they expecting from the next four years?

School district's blaming of sexual abuse victim is misuse of power

California school district's accusation of a former student's claim of sexual abuse reveals an immoral system.

Obesity poses health, fiscal problems

The U.S. government must devise new strategies to address increasingly high obesity rates and other related issues.

Liberal ideals to be tested over next four years

The more important factors of Election Day are the senatorial, congressional and proposition results.

Re-election marks freedom for President Obama

President Obama can look forward to making some progressive changes over the next four years.

Election Day should be deemed national holiday

Given the wasted time, money and energy on Election Day, Americans deserve a day off to pick the president.

U.S. constitution needs amending

Two hundred years later, the constitution needs to be re-considered.

Four more years should bring reforms from Obama

Newly elected president Barack Obama has earned four more years in office to make his economic and social reforms bear fruit.

Broader education necessary for art schools

An arts only education is too insular to fully educate a college student.

NY Post report silences students' study of terrorism

In an exclusive report leaked last week, the NY Post ashamedly criticized a study of terrorism assigned at NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Changes WSN Editorial Board hopes to see by 2016

In wake of the 2012 election, certain issues such as the economy, women's rights and funding for higher education will hopefully be on the way to improvements by 2016.

Iran nuclear policy a serious threat to U.S. security

The threat of a nuclear Iran is a safety concern that both parties can agree on.