Striving To Live Life Amidst Schoolwork

Tegan Joseph Mosugu, Staff Writer

You’ve probably heard this saying before, “new year, new me.”  In fact, you might be like me, one of those individuals who is committed to making New Year’s resolutions. Some of which you successfully accomplish, and others you fail miserably at. Just like you, this year comes with its own hopes and goals especially as a student navigating New York City.


So I deemed this year my personal year of balance. Frankly, we students lack balance in our lives. For me, I tend to be extremely career-minded, to the point where I miss out parties so that I can re-edit my resume or look for a professional opportunity. What I have realized is that being extremely focused in one area of your life actually slows you down. You’re not able to see the full picture unless you make the conscious effort to have balance in your life.



This year I also want to experience more of New York City. As a professional homebody, I told myself that this is the time to be out and about. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, and we must make the most use of today. That being said, I am going to slowly cringe when it comes to getting my first and probably last Broadway ticket; but I hope it would be worth it for the price.


In terms of academics, I want to push myself to the limits. I plan on stepping out of my comfort zone. For example, I am taking a class on Latin America this semester, a region I have next-to-no knowledge about. I consider myself to be a connoisseur of things relating to global health, public policy and Africa. As a result, I usually have a strong preference for classes in these areas. At first, I dropped the course on Albert due to hesitation and then I realized that there was no need to be afraid. I do not have anything to lose, but rather knowledge to gain.


Lastly, I am done with all-nighters. They are totally not worth it because sleeping even the slightest bit enables the brain to function fast and better. It’s not worth missing out on health concerns just for the sake of chasing a possible career boost. As students, we need to recognize that life continues on after graduation, and we need to take care of ourselves now in order to live better lives later.
We still have eleven months ahead of us, and there will be some ups and downs. At the end of the day, we should all strive for all around growth in our lives. This is because the pursuit of balance makes us more cognizant of the world in which we live in, makes us happier, more well-rounded individuals. In the long run, that is far more important than any little assignment.


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A version of this article appeared in the Monday, January 25 print edition. Email Tegan Joseph Mosugu at [email protected]



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