Community Board 6 approves Asser Levy park

The board gave the green light for a new park between 23rd and 25th street.

New Green City aims to make New York more environmentally friendly

The seventh annual New Green City event at Union Square brought city agencies, non-profits and businesses with the ultimate goal of making the city more green.

SoHo locals criticize restaurants’ noise level

Residents gathered at a Community Board 2 meeting to discuss the excessive late night noise coming from restaurants and bars surrounding Broome Residence Residential Hall.

Social justice groups react to anti-jihad ads

Two organizations have created pro-Muslim ads in response to the controversial anti-jihad ads that were posted in subways last month.

Peanut butter causes salmonella outbreak nationwide

An outbreak of salmonella, which originated from contaminated peanut butter products, has triggered a mass recall of products from major grocery chains.

New York City requires businesses to display QR codes

New York City Council approves QR code bill, in addition to a bill that requires public data to be available by 2016.

NYU dubbed next best for sex life

Playboy recently ranked NYU as the college with the second best sex life on campus.

Russell Tribunal on Palestine offers alternative perspective

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine held fourth session in New York past weekend.

Magician David Blane leaves audience electrified

Magician David Blaine performed a stunt at Pier 54 over the weekend in which he shocked himself with one million volts of electricity for 72 hours.

MSNBC host interviews Prop 8 lawyers

Rachel Maddow interviewed litigators of Perry v. Brown at a symposium last Friday.

Former Stern dean Frederick Choi passes away due to illness

Professor emeritus and former dean of NYU's business school, Frederick Choi was loved by students and fellow faculty alike.

NYU develops leadership program for Ghanaian nurses

NYU is collaborating with the Fundación Mujeres Por África, Banco Santander and the University of Ghana to create a leadership program.