Student Government Initiatives Gaining Traction, But Not Passed Yet

At a Student Senators Council meeting various resolutions, some of which had been introduced as early as mid-September, received updates from the student government president.

Graduate Students and Employees Protest NYU Healthcare Rollbacks

The protests are centered around changes made to their healthcare plans that they say were made without notification over the summer.

Vice President of Sustainability and UN Official Discuss NYU’s Carbon Footprint

NYU’s carbon footprint, along with climate change in general, was the subject of a conversation with the UN New York Office director Wednesday on campus. Speakers on the panel included Cecil Scheib, NYU Assistant...

Students Support Faculty Letter, Urging Hamilton to Respond to NYU’s UAE Relationship

Days after 224 faculty signed a letter urging President Hamilton to Condemn the UAE for sentencing UK postgraduate student Matthew Hedges, the SGA has drafted and circulated a letter in support of the faculty’s letter.

Queens Residents Protest Amazon’s Arrival

Protestors gathered on a rainy Monday afternoon in Long Island City to protest the impending arrival of Amazon's new headquarters.

Leggings Reported Missing From Laundry Room

From Nov. 16 to Nov. 21 the NYU Department of Public Safety received one report of burglary, 10 reports of controlled substance violation, one report of criminal mischief, two reports of harassment, three reports of larceny and one report of trespassing.

Hamilton to Address Faculty Concerns About UAE

With its degree-granting campus in Abu Dhabi, NYU remains inextricably tied to the United Arab Emirates as its government received international condemnation over the imprisonment of a British doctoral student — that the government has since pardoned.

$114M of NYU’s Gifts From Donors in China, UAE

Donations from China and the UAE to NYU totaled $114 million from 2012 to 2018.

Transportation Costs Burden Women

NYU’s Rudin Center for Transportation finds that women spend more than men on transportation for safety reasons.

Tandon Team Creates ‘Master Prints’ to Trick Your Devices

A team of Tandon faculty and students has used machine learning to create “master prints” that can dupe fingerprint identification systems like those found on smartphones.

208 Faculty Members Urge NYU to Condemn UAE Over British Student’s Sentencing

Following a United Arab Emirates trial in which a Durham University postgraduate student, Matthew Hedges, was sentenced to life in prison on spying charges, 208 NYU professors have signed a public letter urging NYU...

NYU Remains On Top for Number of International and Studying Abroad Students

NYU has again clinched the number-one ranking for universities with the most international students and students studying abroad.