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The exterior of a white food truck covered in menu items and signs that read “ten percent off, N.Y.U. Cash only. Twelve dollar ziti. Fourteen dollar veg lasagna.”

Cheap, off-campus cravings: 5 lunch specials near NYU

If you only have a few minutes between classes to grab a bite, here are five of the best deals near campus. 
Liz Lindain, Contributing Writer Apr 24, 2023

It can be overwhelming to find a quick, affordable place for lunch. There are countless places to eat around NYU, but it can be hard to remember which student discounts apply where....

Two people browsing racks and tables of tee shirts in a store. A red neon sign that reads “City Fun” hangs above, and tee shirts and a skateboard hang from the back wall.

‘It’s band tee heaven’: City Fun is the East Village spot for music merch 

City Fun is a bright spot on an East Village block otherwise dedicated to bodegas. The store sells shirts from all your favorite bands, benefiting both the artist and the small local business.
Julia Diorio, Staff Writer Apr 20, 2023

Located on First Avenue between Second and Third Streets, City Fun is a vibrant explosion of color and music in the East Village shopping scene. The store exclusively sells band...

Baker Sakura Smith holds two bagels with her right hand while holding her head with her left hand. She is wearing a green shirt and looking into the camera.

Sakura Smith is reinventing the New York City bagel

Fermented yeast from the mountains of Japan finds its way to Brooklyn through Bagel Bunny.
Olivia Liu, Beauty & Style Editor Apr 19, 2023

Malibu-raised baker Sakura Smith woke up at 4 a.m. today to feed her bunny. But Smith’s “bunny” is actually a bagel, and was born out of fermented vegetable yeast from a...

The façade of Judson Memorial Church, which has columns made of red bricks, stained windows and a cross at the top.

Greenwich Village church that supported abortion access in the ’60s continues activism

Judson Memorial Church, which has historically provided women with reproductive health care referrals, remains vocal in a post-Roe v. Wade world.
Clara Scholl, Arts Editor Apr 18, 2023

Judson Memorial Church is a little-known historic landmark nestled among NYU’s cluster of buildings around Washington Square. Founded by Edward Judson in 1890, the Baptist church’s...

A flourishing cherry blossom tree in Washington Square Park.

‘The People’s Park’: Washington Square Park’s springtime splendor

A member of the nonprofit group that supports the park shares insights about how they preserve the park’s beauty amid the changing seasons.
Derek Kamakanaaloha Soong, Identity & Equity Editor Apr 18, 2023

The unpredictable nature of spring only makes the arrival of hot, sunny days an even more joyous occasion. Accompanied by the blossoms and blooms of the season, there's no better...

Illustration of a white pleated skirt and a pair of pastel pink ballet flats against an off-white background decorated with pink flowers.

Spruce up your spring with style: A spring fashion guide

Stay cool even on hot days with these style tips for the spring season.
Ishani Paul, Staff Writer Apr 17, 2023

With the sunshine returning to New York City, the big black puffers and heavy fur coats are getting pushed to the back of our closets once more. It’s finally time to fold away...

Two glasses of wine and a half-full wine bottle placed on a restaurant table with plates and utensils.

Make your table for two a table for 23 at Brooklyn’s Dinner Party

The Fort Greene restaurant curates community through family-style dining.
Anja Westhues, Contributing Writer Apr 17, 2023

A group of strangers. A carefully selected menu featuring mindful, fresh and seasonal ingredients. A night you’ll never forget. Welcome to Dinner Party, a homey take on the restaurant...

A group of people roller skate in Central Park, the person in the front wears a black top, rolled up pants, and red skates. The skaters in the back wear jeans, t-shirts and black skates.

Central Park skating is back in full swing this spring

A WSN photographer takes a spin around Central Park’s Skate Circle for its opening weekend.
Susan Behrends Valenzuela, Editor-at-large Apr 15, 2023

Samantha Harper, founder of Harper Collective, sits in her East Village apartment. She is wearing the superbloom dress in noir.

Q&A: Samantha Harper on breaking into the fashion industry

WSN spoke to designer Samantha Harper about her celebrity-loved brand Harper Collective and the challenges of running a business in a changing digital landscape.
Olivia Liu, Beauty & Style Editor Apr 14, 2023

Harper Collective, designer Samantha Harper’s latest venture into made-to-order garments, has made a name for itself as an “it girl” brand. Harper’s designs are lush, sexy...

Tagua owner Daniel Neisa sits in his shop’s workspace, in front of a wall covered in various beaded pieces of jewelry. He smiles for a photo while holding a keychain he made.

How South American vegetable ivory jewelry ended up in Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Front Street features a handmade jewelry store selling a sustainable South American treasure.
Derek Kamakanaaloha Soong, Identity & Equity Editor Apr 13, 2023

In the verdant hills of Colombia, Daniel Neisa spent his childhood surrounded by a crop called tagua. This species is in the genus Phytelephas, which translates literally to “elephant...

A black cat with green eyes sits inside a corner store with several paper boxes next to it

Bodega cats: The feline mascots of NYC corner stores

A common sight in local shops, these cats hold a contentious role as community icons — and the primary defense against rodent infestations.
Phillip HoSang, Contributing Writer Apr 13, 2023

Bodegas have been a staple in New York City for decades. These small convenience stores are known for their wide array of goods, from snacks to household items, and for their lengthy...

A taste of home: Reminiscing with Turkish chicken noodle soup

It’s never easy being far away from home, but my mom’s cold remedy dish, chicken noodle soup, gives me a sense of comfort when I need it most.
Doga Usanmaz, Contributing Writer Apr 12, 2023

Growing up in Istanbul, I never experienced a shortage of Turkish cuisine in my household. Thanks to my mom being an incredible cook, we ate Turkish dishes regularly, ranging from...