Citizenship, From Phonetics to Photos

Tisch’s new photography exhibit, cit.i.zen.ship, features works from almost 100 different artists exploring the limits and meanings of citizenship in a time when heads of government are calling for nationalism and more traditional views on outsiders.

Behind the Scenes With the Producers of ‘thank u, next’

WSN speaks with Social House, the LA-based duo behind Ariana Grande's chart-topping hit.

‘Widows’ Ranks Among the Best Heist Films

The follow up to his Oscar-winning “12 Years a Slave,” co-writer and director Steve McQueen returns with an arthouse heist thriller with the ensemble of the century

Tennis Plays Stripped Down Hits at (Le) Poisson Rouge

As part of their “Solo in Stereo” tour, the husband-and-wife duo are traveling the country without a backing band and reworking most of their classics.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ Sequel Loses Magic

Only two films in and the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ series is already starting to spiral downward.

Calling Out Tisch Dramatic Writing’s Racist Imagination

Tisch Dramatic Writing junior Kathryn Stafford writes on the racial discrimination she has faced in the department.

‘Torch Song’ Is About a Melancholic and Marvelous Life

Harvey Fierstein’s tale of a drag queen’s search for love and family returns to Broadway 36 years after its premiere.

Coen Brothers’ Latest Is a Hit-or-Miss Wild West Anthology

Netflix’s “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” is another Oscar hopeful for the streaming service.

Staff Recs: Best Film Ensembles

Every so often, a movie ensemble absolutely blows audiences away and makes us ask ourselves, “How can one movie could contain so much talent and power?”

Lake Street Dive Turns the Upper East Side Into Their Own Bonfire Sing-a-Long

Amid the neon lights of Times Square and a damp city night after a day of chills and rain showers, the intimate Beacon Theatre glowed on Broadway as it welcomed an age demographic that...

Gamers Reject Mobile Successors to Favorite Franchises

As much as they’d like to, mobile games can’t replace better video game experiences

A Starving Artist’s Guide to Arts Events this Weekend: Nov. 16 to Nov. 18

How to experience arts if you're pinching pennies.