The Depiction of Substance Abuse on Screen

Both “A Star is Born” and “Beautiful Boy” paint brutally honest pictures of the emotional toll of substance abuse.

Staff Recs: Best Albums for Fall

“Lush” by Snail Mail Ryan Mikel, Arts Editor I am not going to lie: I fell in love with the album “Lush” when I discovered Snail Mail early last spring. I was lucky enough to witness...

NYU Sketch Comedy Group Joins New York Comedy Festival

Please Don’t Destroy, made up of three current NYU students and three alumni, is set to perform as a part of a week-long comedy blowout.

Unpopular Opinions: 2000s Nickelodeon Shows

This week, we’re getting nostalgic and turning back the clock to simpler times of our youth. As eight-year-olds, waking up to watch cartoons at 7:00 a.m. was the best part of every morning. Whether...

Queen as Told Through Fake Teeth, Haircuts and Cats

Musical biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody” dives into the life of Freddie Mercury and the rocky journey of the ever-famous band, Queen.

‘Bodied’ Insults Everyone and Gets Away With It

The Eminem-produced film uses battle rapping to tackle PC culture.

‘Boy Erased’ Depicts the Jarring Realities of Gay Conversion Therapy

Based on a true story, the Oscar hopeful is one of two dramas this year that focuses on gay conversion therapy.

From ‘Front Runner’ to Political Pariah

Politics and celebrity collide in “The Front Runner,” which tells the story of 1988 presidential hopeful Gary Hart, whose campaign was derailed by rumors of an extramarital affair.

Clive Senior on Being ‘Reckless’

The singer-songwriter ruminates on freedom and its consequences on her newly-released single.

Paris Michael Plans to Win a Grammy He Invents

This Tisch junior wants his music in the MoMA and his name on your playlist.

Modern Sequels and the Death of Continuity

With the new trend of retconning old sequels in a franchise, the real question is, what will happen to Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo?

Staff Recs: Best Villains

Get your watch queue ready for the baddest villains of them all.