Paul Anderson’s ‘The Master’ a masterwork in cinema

With two powerful lead performances, "The Master" is a haunting and beautiful film.

Bob Dylan’s ‘Tempest’ blows away expectations

Songwriting legend Bob Dylan's 35th album ousts the competition.

‘Francine’ fails to break through

Despite Oscar winner Melissa Leo's performance, "Francine" cannot overcome its many flaws.

‘The New Normal’ brings a laugh with its message

"Glee" creator Ryan Murphy delivers a new type of comedy in his NBC sitcom "The New Normal."

Looking back at ‘Teen Mom’

Despite frequent criticism, "Teen Mom's" original mothers complete their journey with a dedicated fanbase.

Louiso’s “Hello I Must Be Going” does not go anywhere

"Hello" is essentially the movie version of HBO's TV drama "Girls", and shares many of the same flaws as its small screen counterpart.

The Vaccines: Vintage melodies from modern influences

On their second LP, The Vaccines continue to live up to hype, but don't surprise or surpass expectations.

Animal Collective explores new styles in latest album

While "Centipede Hz" has some tracks reminiscent of classic Animal Collective, the band's most recent album also shows new melodies.

“Little Miss Sunshine” actor dazzles in new film

Paul Dano, an up-and-coming young actor, flaunts his acting versatility in "For Ellen" where he plays a struggling rock star who is also desperate to remain a good father.

Tisch professor’s latest film exudes emotion

"Keep the Lights On" dramatizes the detrimental relationship between a documentary filmmaker and lawyer, loosely based on the romance of director and Tisch professor Ira Sachs.

“[REC] 3” invites viewers to a bloody, hilarious zombie wedding

Though not what fans may expect, "[REC] 3" combines horror and comedy to great effect.

Find affordable theater shows in your own backyard

For those with a small budget, there are many exciting alternatives to Broadway's most recognizable shows.