‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ fails to live up to source material

Despite strong performances from Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller and Emma Watson. "Wallflower" falls too often to cliche.

T.C. Boyle fails to inspire with latest dramatic novel

Boyle's newest "San Miguel" disappoints with unsatisfying drama.

‘Revolution’ fails to revolutionize tired network TV tropes

NBC's "Revolution" recycles the ingredients of past hits to make a rather stale and slow-moving drama.

Furtado falters with erratic, lengthy album

Nelly Furtado's newest effort sees the creative pop artist work with a new producer and new styles to mixed results.

The Killers overreach with stadium rock

On their fourth album, and first record in four years, the Killers' '80s-influenced stadium anthems sound overproduced and contrived.

Pulitzer Prize-winner falls short in ‘This Is How You Lose Her’

Junot Diaz's short story collection loses its way despite pockets of brilliance.

St. Vincent, Talking Heads collaboration less than the sum of its parts

Despite the musical presence of Talking Heads' David Byrne, St. Vincent's "Love This Giant?" only sporadically displays greatness.

Paul Anderson’s ‘The Master’ a masterwork in cinema

With two powerful lead performances, "The Master" is a haunting and beautiful film.

Bob Dylan’s ‘Tempest’ blows away expectations

Songwriting legend Bob Dylan's 35th album ousts the competition.

‘Francine’ fails to break through

Despite Oscar winner Melissa Leo's performance, "Francine" cannot overcome its many flaws.

‘The New Normal’ brings a laugh with its message

"Glee" creator Ryan Murphy delivers a new type of comedy in his NBC sitcom "The New Normal."

Looking back at ‘Teen Mom’

Despite frequent criticism, "Teen Mom's" original mothers complete their journey with a dedicated fanbase.