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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News


Illustration of a vinyl record and its sleeve with a blue and green swirl pattern. The words “SHERYL CROW in yellow calligraphy font are written in the center with neon green capital letters that says “evolution.”

Review: ‘Evolution’ proves Sheryl Crow is best when sticking to her roots

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer’s 12th studio album, released on March 29, is a mixed bag.
Skylar Boilard, Contributing Writer April 8, 2024

From as far back as I can remember, Sheryl Crow’s hits have played in the car as my parents drove, at birthday parties and during holidays. I've grown up with Crow, and her unmistakable...

A man with long hair and a mustache sings into a microphone, pink and purple lights outline him.

Review: Grouplove finishes tour with a celebration

Grouplove ended its 2024 tour at Terminal 5 this past weekend, closing with an electric performance.
Mikaylah Du, Illustration Editor April 5, 2024

Grouplove closed out its “Rock and Roll You Won’t Save Me” tour with a dynamic performance on Saturday, March 30 at Terminal 5. The tour’s essence was encapsulated by the...

A girl posing in Times Square.

Musician Sloane Simon on finding harmony in community

The frontwoman of the 2024 UltraViolet Live Best Group Performance winner and a Clive Davis first-year, Sloane Simon spoke with WSN about how interpersonal connection has grounded her musically.
Dani Biondi, Staff Writer April 4, 2024

Clive Davis first-year Sloane Simon conquered her awkward phase in middle school by landing music gigs at local restaurants. Simon performed covers ranging from Frank Sinatra to...

An illustration of a mouth smiling with a flower in it emerging from dirt.

Review: Hozier’s ‘Unheard’ draws fans deeper into his conceptual art

Consisting of outtakes from his most recent album, Irish musician Hozier’s newest EP captures audiences with sound as immersive and captivating as its storytelling.
Eleanor Jacobs, Staff Writer April 1, 2024

From the way Hozier’s lyrics have been analyzed and dissected with every release, one might assume him to be a modern bard, poet or well-established author — his songs often...

Singer Kacey Musgrave sitting on the floor and hugging a guitar against a white background.

Review: ‘Deeper Well’ is the embodiment of emotional spring cleaning

Country singer Kacey Musgraves’ sixth studio album, “Deeper Well,” returns to the artist’s roots with refreshing clarity.
Skylar Boilard, Contributing Writer March 29, 2024

Margaret Atwood was right — divorce is like amputation. It’s clearing out to start anew, and Kacey Musgraves’ new album is the perfect soundtrack to start the process. The...

Several people perform on a stage with instruments while fire blazes in the background.

Fall Out Boy’s latest MSG performance proves that punk rock is not dead

Fall Out Boy’s sold-out weekend at Madison Square Garden demonstrated a revival for the punk genre.
Julia Diorio, Music Editor March 28, 2024

Hundreds of punk-rock fans brought out their eyeliner and Dr. Martens at Madison Square Garden on Friday night to relive the glory days at the Fall Out Boy's latest concert performance....

Four people on a stage playing instruments. A crowd watches them from the audience.

Q&A: Punchlove on its debut album ‘Channels’

A band of five NYU graduates, Punchlove, released its debut album and is currently going on tour.
Julia Diorio, Music Editor March 14, 2024

Punchlove, a band of five Steinhardt graduates, is currently on tour for their new album “Channels,” an urban collection of shoegaze and electric indie tracks that showcases...

An illustration of Ariana Grande facing away and leaning against another version of herself.

Review: Ariana Grande isn’t perfect, and neither is ‘eternal sunshine’

The pop diva’s latest album is raw, emotional and compelling, but suffers from repetitiveness and the rumors surrounding its release.
Naisha Roy, Editor-at-Large March 13, 2024

If I had to pick one word to describe the public opinion on Ariana Grande right now, it would be controversial. She has one of the most loyal fan bases across the music industry,...

A man in a white shirt and black pants sings into a microphone and plays a yellow electric guitar on a stage with red lighting.

Review: ‘Bleachers’ is the band at its most personal and in love

The latest Jack Antonoff-led project continues to hone the Bleachers sound through clever writing on grief, love and maturity.
Lulu Chatterjee, Staff Writer March 12, 2024

Many pop listeners have grown weary of American record-producer Jack Antonoff’s presence in the pop space. After over a decade of collaborations with artists like Taylor Swift,...

Illustration of a vinyl sleeve with a record partially removed on a cream background. On the sleeve is a woman with long hair, a boar and the words MANNEQUIN PUSSY and I GOT HEAVEN in white font.

Review: ‘I Got Heaven’ is Mannequin Pussy at the band’s punk-rock peak

The Philadelphia band returns with a visceral, catchy fourth album.
Ethan Beck, Staff Writer March 11, 2024

American punk and indie-rock band Mannequin Pussy’s “I Got Heaven,” is the band’s broadest, most versatile record yet, ranging from agreeable, pop-influenced relationship...

A band performs on stage, a woman sings into the mic while two men play guitar and drums beside her.

Kids Rock For Kids: Showcasing young musicians and performers for a good cause

Kids Rock For Kids is a nonprofit organization that provides support and resources to young musicians while raising money with local and global charities.
Clara Scholl, Arts Editor March 8, 2024

Kids Rock For Kids, a nonprofit producing rock shows for up-and-coming musicians, is adding credence to the power of music. The organization features young artists — including...

Five musicians sitting and holding a goblet drum, two jahlas, a mirwas and a tabla.

Songs of the sea: How an NYU professor’s ensemble musically maps cultural exchange

Explore the musical exchanges between the Arabian Peninsula and the Swahili coast with Boom.Diwan, a band started by NYU alum and professor Ghazi Faisal Al-Mulaifi.
Leila Anderson, Contributing Writer March 7, 2024

Buzzing drums, rhythmic clapping and melodic singing — this is the yearslong story of trading between the Persian Gulf and Africa’s Swahili coast. This music embraces traditional...