Oqliq: F/W 2020


Celia Tewey

(Photo by Celia Tewey)

Olivia Bilbault, Contributing Writer

Emerging out of Taiwan for its NYFW debut, oqLiq embodies the modernity and inclusivity of fashion today. oqLiq is a perfect blend of Taiwanese roots and chic street style, and their debut show was no different. 

The show opened with a request for the audience to uncross their legs as the lights faded and the room suddenly brightened. Rock played over techno beats and a ground-rumbling bass immediately set the tone for the show. The music, almost as an accessory to the clothing, supported the militaristic and clean structured collection. Most pieces featured neutral, earth- tone colors with the exception being a stunning blue piece here and there.

Coats were long and structured, despite their thin material. The most striking coats were those with cinched waists. The paired accessories were also simplistic, including their knitted hats and thick-banded cross-body bags. Some were shaped similarly to a woman’s bonnet and others were conal, pointing upwards similarly to an elf’s hat. Many pieces also featured curved zippers and flowing lines in contrast to the straight structure of a zipper, another example of the impressive fusion that makes oqLiq so intriguing. 

Although oqLiq is a brand that embodies the trendiness of street style with a culturally-rooted basis, the clothing feels wearable, as though everyone could see themselves in their clothing, regardless of their identity. 

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