Meet Exposures: Celia Tewey

Meet our new Exposures Editor.


Nightlife on Pier 17.

By Celia Tewey, Exposures Editor

To start off the semester, Under the Arch’s Exposures is running a series in which its new photography staff displays photo essays to introduce themselves, their style and why they love photography while beginning to prep and shoot projects for the rest of the year. We hope you enjoy getting to know them and are as excited for their upcoming work as we are.

Harlem Fashion.
Nightlife on Pier 17.

Celia Tewey is a visual artist, photographer, cinematographer, filmmaker and animator born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. She will be this semester’s Multimedia Editor for the Exposures section of Under the Arch. Celia is a rising sophomore in the Tisch School of the Arts majoring in Film and Television Production.

Man with Cigar.
Layered in pink.

Much of her work revolves around portraiture, journalism, analog film photography and fashion photography. She looks forward to more opportunities for travel to help broaden her experiences through the world of art and media.

Tickled Pink.
BreeBilliter Designs.

Celia hopes to be able to use her love of portrait photography and multimedia as a way to reach people through a new light, document their differences and show change across the world. 

Sunset Magic.

Email Celia Tewey at [email protected]