NYU’s Abroad Sites Join March for Our Lives Movement

Carine Zambrano, Abroad Editor

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On March 24 the March for Our Lives united around 1.2 million people in the United States and agglomerated even more in the 800 sibling events across the globe when survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting led a movement demanding the end of gun violence. From London to Madrid to Sydney, American expatriates and international allies, including NYU students studying abroad, rose alongside the survivors to protest mass shootings and order strict gun control legislation. In Florence, Madrid and Paris, NYU students reflected on inspiring moments at the March and hope their chants will continue to push for change.


“We met an 11-year-old named Sophia. She was on vacation with her mom from Illinois, and they both marched with us. After a while, Sophia grabbed the megaphone and started to lead a chant. It was amazing. She gave me hope that even if our generation fails, future ones will continue fighting the good fight. It’s very important for citizens to be civically active, but it’s even more important for our generation to use its voice to fight for justice. Sadly, we live in a world where politicians care more about money from the gun lobby than the lives of children, so if they’re not going to do anything to ensure the safety of students, we need to take action. On March 24, we marched for our lives, and it was only the beginning. We are the National Rifle Association’s biggest nightmare: young, educated and ready for change.”

— LS first-year Paola Martinez Parente


“The march was very inclusive. Three of the four speakers were women. One was a student who organized the march. Another was a teacher who was teaching during the D.C. sniper attacks. The third woman explained how increasing policing in schools will negatively impact students of color and the need for intersectionality between Black Lives Matter and March For Our Lives. The last speaker read quotes from the Parkland victims. In the end, they opened the microphone to anyone who wanted to talk, which I appreciated.”

— SPS sophomore Maria Pellicier


“There was a reading of the names of the Parkland victims which was particularly striking for me. As mass shootings have become so unfortunately frequent in the U.S., it’s often difficult to remember that behind every death toll, there are names and stories that have been cut short. I found it important that we never lose sight of just what exactly each mass shooting takes from us.”

CAS junior Amanda Quinn

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