An Old Music Style Becomes New: Records

Beth Sattur, Contributing Writer

Despite the popularity of music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify, vinyl records have made a comeback. You can now buy records and turntables everywhere from Urban Outfitters to Best Buy. However, there’s nothing like going to a local record store where you’ll be completely surrounded by music lovers and good tunes. If you’re looking to pick up some new records, here are some unique stores around NYU.

Good Records NYC, located on E 5th Street., was founded in 2005. The store is marked by simple window text reading, “Records.” Inside, there are vintage records from the 1950s, as well as ones from current artists. The selection is tastefully eclectic, with genres ranging from jazz to rap. You can check out the kind of music they enjoy both in store and online, where they’ve put together some awesome music mixes. Good Records has an ever-changing collection, as they buy used records and put them out daily. If you’re interested in selling your records and related equipment, Good Records has a buyer in store almost every day. They will buy everything from vintage turntables to music paraphernalia such as posters or album artwork.

Between Bleecker Street and W 3rd Street, you will find Generation Records. Described as “obscure, outrageous, or just plain weird,” on its website, the store has a variety of genres from rock to country, but its punk and metal selection are particularly strong. In addition to two levels of vinyl records — including multiple 99 cent bins — it also sells DVDs, CDs, posters and T-shirts. The outside of the store, decked out with dark, angsty posters, contributes to the punk rock vibes. The employees at Generation Records are very helpful, and will play records upon request. Perhaps the closest record shop to NYU campus, it is an excellent place to explore in between classes.

If you live near Union Square, Turntable Lab is the place to be. Located between 3rd and 4th Avenue, this DJ shop was founded in 1999 and is open seven days a week. The layout of the store is absolutely beautiful, with the brick of neighboring apartments peeking through the windows of the pristine, white-walled shop. True to its description, the store as an entire section devoted to DJ merchandise. In addition, it also sells vinyl records — which are updated daily — record players, stereos and clothing. While Turntable Lab may not have the vintage feel of Generation or Good Records, the store’s aesthetic and modern theme puts this shop in a category of its own.

Although listening to music on our phones is convenient, there is nothing quite like listening to a record. With so many options near us, why not give it a try?


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