Marcel Ostertag F/W 2018

Although the show was late to start and had a hectic opening, the designer Marcel Ostertag, put together a wonderful show to makeup for the fumbles before the show.

Berlin born Marcel Ostertag debuted his Fall/Winter 2018 collection in his runway show at New York Fashion Week, and o say the least, the collection was effortlessly chic. Like in his previous collections, Ostertag continues to design loose-fitting pieces, to make a mature, elegant look to his collections. This collection seemed to include brighter colors than his previous ones, but he also stayed true to the dark colors he usually uses by pairing the bright and subdued colors, which worked beautifully. The minimalist makeup used on the models worked well with the outfits to make the collection work together well as a whole. The use of lustrous fabric and leopard print pieces for dresses and suits made the outfits stand out and definitely caught the attention of the crowd.

Marcel Ostertag did a wonderful job pairing colors and layers of clothing on top of each other to make the outfits come together beautifully. The use of accessories such as fanny packs and purses were nice fun touches to the otherwise mature collection. The collection consisted of many dark articles of clothing created a sense of immersion and only captivated the audience more.The attention to detail as well as the wonderful stitching brought the collection together to make it as marvelous as it was.

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