Naeem Khan F/W 2018

The Naeem Khan Fall/Winter 2018 collection is reminiscent of a fashion-forward fairytale. Khan’s inclusion of several hooded tops, dresses, and capes feels straight out of little red riding hood. Khan’s collection contains elaborate pieces that could easily be found on the set of Disney’s next live action film. Khan remains grounded his staples, such as vibrant colors and florals, yet adds unexpected twists. The designer often speaks of seeing his father and grandfather dress Indian royalty in his youth. The traditions of ornate Indian garments is clearly mirrored in his own work, including this collection. However, alongside the distinctive Indian styles, Khan creates pieces that reflect other cultures such as north Asian kimono-style jackets, Spanish style blazers, and American 80s style parachute pants.

An interesting inclusion of Khan’s collection is the growing trend of side button track pants, as seen on stars such as Rihanna. At first, glance, paired with the elaborate fringed gowns and floor-length skirts in the collection, the pants feel out of place. Khan, however, included several other pieces that qualify as ‘upscale loungewear’. Khan capitalizes on the growing desire of consumers to dress at the intersection of comfort and couture. Consumers are turning towards clothing that is fashionable, functional, and freeing. Khan’s collection makes consumers feel as though they do not have to sacrifice their over the top looks for comfort and vice versa.

Besides comfort and couture, the worlds of glamour and business apparel collide in this collection. Khan makes over the top blazers a staple of the collection. He turns the business attire into a fun affair with jackets designed with bright colors, patterns, and fringe. As a whole, the collection pulls in pieces that might not traditionally be put together and makes you ask why anyone would want to keep them apart.

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