Misha Kaura F/W 2018


Erica Kyung , Contributing Writer


Misha Kaura, age 25, launched her second formalwear collection this weekend at NYFW in for the FW 2018 season. The show was held at Industria Studios in the West Village.

Misha has been crafting garments for a little over a year as she switched from skin cancer research to fashion in May of 2017. Although a bit disorganized in exhibition, Misha’s take on classic silhouettes to accommodate and flatter women of all shapes, sizes, and ages, is clear in her approach. Her previous SS2018 line embodied this same ideal via Aristotle-inspired designs: dresses for the “stylish woman of substance who desires a timeless, classic look,” according to fashion industry talent platform, Not Just a Label. In both collections, this sense of total inclusivity is made the centerpiece of the runway.

This season, Misha delves deeper into the meeting of Western shapes and Eastern textiles. She employs the time-honored A-line silhouette with a new emphasis on traditional embroidery and elegant embellishments. In her garments, she uses a unique fabric specifically designed to adapt to the ever-changing female figure. In order to complement the diverse beauty of the cast, hair and makeup is kept natural to each model, with an added touch of sparkle to the cheeks and a soft purple/pink pigment to the eyes. From dark glitz and sequins in 2017, to vibrant and bright Eastern patterns in 2018, Kaura pushes forward the catch-all movement currently taking over the fashion industry.

A royal velvety purple and gold-stitched sheath dress stands out among the collection: fitted, appealing, classic modern, décolletage. This silhouette is capable of being dressed up and down, yet still remains noteworthy thanks to its fresh and sophisticated paisley pattern. Hair, makeup, and accessories are kept minimal, allowing the dress to shine on its own. The model chosen to wear the dress further personifies Kaura’s vision of an industry that not only accommodates all people, but celebrates them.

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