JXY n’ Cuso F/W 2018

Kamila Daurenova, Contributing Writer

For their Fall/Winter 2018 runway show at Pier 59, designers JXY n’ Cuso debuted a collection of pieces ranging from casual hoodies and shorts to evening gowns and work-attire. Executed in a pleasing, classic color palette, the duo displayed a well-tailored collection however the lack of innovation in most of their pieces left an underwhelming overall effect.

The duo found their shining moments in elegant evening pieces with interesting silhouettes. The cascading bell sleeves of a collared jumpsuit complimented the button detailing of the front perfectly, maintaining an airiness brought by the crisp colour. Silk panel dresses varied in their geometric necklines, incredibly flattering in combination with the commendable tailoring. While most of these were executed in black, an all-red look consisting of a leather dress paired with suede knee-high boots was very effective.

Another highpoint of the collection was its outerwear. One of the edgier pieces was a long leather overcoat with fringe detailing at the shoulders and sleeves. Confident and cool, it was one of the more innovative pieces, along with a vibrant red-netted overdress with cable detailing that stood out over the black hoodie and combat boots it was paired with. The designers carried the technique over for a semi-sheer male top with classic black pants.

For their more basic pieces, the designers went with printing and embroidery; black logos on a tan hoodie, metal detailing on the top of a white shirt, and intricate beading on the shoulders of a grey blazer. While this technique elevated some pieces, others remained underwhelming; like the white hoodie that closed the show. A ruched black skirt with gold button detailing felt matronly when paired with a white skirt buttoned all the way and patterned tights.


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