Dan Liu F/W 2018

By Veronica Liow, Assistant Managing Editor

Classical music permeated the entire venue. This was not just any other classical music though. There was spunk and funk added to modernize the classical. Similar to the music, Dan Liu does just that in its Fall/Winter 2018 collection. It takes classic designs — especially of dresses — and makes them contemporary using details such as embroidered cuffs on a cocktail dress and the geometric lining in its pink faux fur parka.

The brand continues to take a feminine approach to its pieces, with primarily neutral and pastels painting the palette. The designer’s ability to combine conventionally feminine characteristics with interesting graphics and edgy patterns make his pieces suitable for all kinds of women.

The theme of this collection, “The Spy Who Loved Me,” fits well in the presentation on the runway, especially given how the models were styled. Many of them wore glasses from Nectar Sunglasses, thus creating a greater sense of allure. On top of that, the makeup was phenomenal in portraying the sexy yet edgy woman, or spy.

Dan Liu is a Canadian designer who takes inspiration in his work from his Chinese and Japanese roots. He is expected to continue to be at the forefront of creating contemporary designs for all types of women.


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