Global Fashion Collective II FW 2018

Jendayi Omowale, Staff Writer


Pop-art style prints, extravagant roller-like sleeves, and a “prison Barbie” aesthetic all made an appearance at this year’s Fall/Winter Global Fashion Collective II show at New York Fashion Week. The show which aims to showcase international fashion industry talent, featured labels Kirsten Ley, Kim Tiziana Rottmüller and MRHUA MRSHUA, whose designers all push the boundaries of fashion . Ley’s collection NERŌ which plays with the concept of a “ravaged Rome” featured a mostly somber palette of black and brown and green hues, with glimmers of shimmering and flowing fabrics. Furs, sheer ruffles and suede seemed to be cut and pasted as sleeves, tops, and ethereal dresses. The BITTERSWEET collection by Rottmüller contrasted the aesthetic of NERŌ with a whimsical, yet haunted Barbie look. Standout features of this collection were the gigantic and voluminous circular sleeves and pastel pink and black pantsuits replete with asymmetrical ruffles. To really drive home the look of BITTERSWEET, Rottmüller’s models wore headpieces with bars that came over their eyes, and one model had a makeshift cage around the bottom-half of her dress. Designer NiuNiu Chou of MRHUA MRSHUA “Vintage Soldier” collection splashed outrageous color on the runway. Suits with almost neon green and red colors featured graphic raindrop-style prints, and decorated prize ribbons on the back and army medals on the front. It was if these were frontline soldiers at a circus. The lively designers of the Global Fashion Collective II brought a unique “conceptual artistry” out to New York Fashion Week as the collective hoped to, in an imaginative and innovative way.


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