HUMOR: Wearing Hat Backward Has Direct Correlation to Coolness, Study Shows

Noah Friend, Contributing Writer

NEW YORK, NY — According to a recent study done by the New York University Center for Experimental Science, wearing a hat backward has a direct correlation to being perceived as cool by strangers.

The study was led by senior William Smith and brought members of the NYU community through a simulated experience involving them walking down the street. As the surveyor approached a person on the street, they were asked questions such as ‘Given the option, would this person vape?’ and ‘How many potted plants do you think this person owns?’ as well as ‘How many fat packs of cigs can they burn through in a day?’

“We used the answers that the users gave us to determine if they thought a person was cool,” Smith said. “Every single person who wore a hat backward was believed to vape and own less potted plants than non-backward-hatted people, so we were able to draw the conclusion that people who wear hats backward must be cooler.”

Not everyone has agreed with this conclusion, including Professor Maria Blige. “My ex was a guy who always wore a hat backward, and trust me, he was not cool,” said Blige. “Needless to say, I do not agree with the conclusions of the study, and their grades will reflect it.”

Smith’s next study will be conducted on the relationship between online dating and fedoras.


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