Craig David Takes Bowery Ballroom


Amelia Reardon

Craig David performing at Bowery Ballroom on Jan 15.

Amelia Reardon, Staff Writer

British hip-hop artist Craig David headlined a sold-out show at Bowery Ballroom on Monday night.

With a barren stage of only his spin table, the audience was in for a night of just David and his music. As the singer-songwriter took the stage, the audience’s thunderous applause and high-strung adrenaline intersected with the musician’s opening bass line.

David played a set of originals — “Ain’t Giving Up” and “Fill Me In” — and remixes, in which the latter proved to be major crowd pleasers. This was especially true when his remixes of “No Scrubs” by TLC and “All The Way Up” by Fat Joe and Remy Ma won the crowd over and showcased his talents on the turntable.

David’s unique ability to switch between several different genres of music allowed his strong vocal and creative skills to shine. One moment, he delivers impressively fast, razor sharp verses about success; the next, he makes the room swoon with soulful ballads, riffs and, not to mention, high-octave notes unmatched by other artists in the music industry today.

This diversity allowed his set to stay interesting, saving David from the run-of-the-mill DJ set. He even treated the audience to previews of his new work, stating that his upcoming music will have a more rhythm and blues vibe.

Perhaps the most memorable moment in David’s show was his genuine British charisma, hyping up the room with his charming accent and stories about his early beginnings, starting with his roots back in England.

The Brit serenaded several women and reached out to hold their hands while delivering sensual lyrics and soothing melodies. He gave fist bumps to the men; in one instant, a man could be seen proudly returning to his spot with a fist raised triumphantly.

After a few bras made their way onto the stage, it seemed like the party was just getting started, but it was time for David to leave. The audience was left braless and encore-less. As the venue emptied, the Bowery Ballroom beamed with energy and excitement, leaving the audience anticipating with what David has up his sleeve next.

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