Cold? Doesn’t Mean You Should Give Classes the Cold Shoulder


Wayne Chen, Staff Writer

As the spring semester begins, not many students are actually excited about the coming months. This is especially true for those coming back from their warmer, more habitable hometown over break. With the temperature still occasionally hitting freezing, New York continues to give NYU students the cold shoulder — literally. As the new semester, new responsibilities and potentially challenging coursework creep closer toward students, it is becoming more tempting than ever to skip classes, especially since it is the beginning of the semester and after all, things do tend to go slower.

However, skipping class is a terrible decision. As painful as it might be to layer up, attending earlier lectures does actually help — it minimizes your chance of pulling constant all-nighters ahead of future exams. Knowing what is happening is paramount to understanding the material, and it helps alleviate pressure that might pile up otherwise. Moreover, fostering a relationship with professors early on is never a bad idea. Get on their good side, and one day they might help you out with your letter of recommendation or something similar.

Many classes also happen to encourage the formation of social circles. These are easiest to join when class is starting and most students don’t know each other yet. By the time different circles and support groups have formed, it becomes harder to t into them. Without a core support group, some classes, especially obscure ones, can be painful to survive as the semester progresses.

Furthermore, NYU kids understand that college classes are pricey. While different people have different financial situations, most NYU kids can agree on one thing: NYU tuition is ridiculously expensive, and not attending classes is the equivalent to throwing tuition down the drain. At times, attending lectures can be painfully unattractive in New York, especially when it’s cold outside, but as an NYU student, it’s our duty to go. Nothing is a bigger bummer than wasting money or the opportunity to learn something that can be beneficial later in life.

Once you are convinced to make the most of your schedule and to go to all the classes that you are supposed to attend, new opportunities might arise. This could be the perfect time to put that coveted Canada Goose jacket or Burberry trench coat onto your wish list; after all, being on a mission to learn is more than enough to justify a nice coat. If you’re tempted by invitations to go out and enjoy life instead of attending classes, just remember that exploring the city is much more pleasant when the temperature is just right. Save the fun for later, cover thyself and go to classes to win early in the game.

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A version of this appeared in the Monday, January 22 print edition. Email Wayne at [email protected].