Progressives Were Right All Along


Jan Alex, Staff Writer

Last week, Donna Brazile released her new book, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House.” The book received quite a bit of attention even before it was released because of its subject: the break-ins and breakdowns that crippled the Democratic Party and the Democratic National Convention during the 2016 election. Before releasing her book, Brazile published a Politico article titled “Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC.” In this, she gives a tell-all account of the rampant corruption in the Democratic Party both before and during the 2016 election. Essentially, the book confirms that the Democratic Party and the DNC have been lying to liberal voters for a long time.

Brazile’s book confirms several allegations that have long been the subject of speculation and controversy within the Democratic Party. She claims to have discovered that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC’s former chairperson, sold the party to the highest bidder to resolve its debt of millions of dollars. That bidder was Hillary Clinton. Brazile claims that, “As Hillary’s campaign gained momentum, she resolved the party’s debt and put it on a starvation diet. It had become dependent on her campaign for survival, for which she expected to wield control of its operations.” Because of Clinton’s takeover, Bernie Sanders never had a shot. The alleged party bias against him that arose from the DNC email leak was confirmed. Brazile claims she broke the news to Sanders personally, over the phone, after lighting a candle and turning on some gospel music to center herself for “an emotional phone call.” Personally, I can only imagine the sheer lack of surprise or emotion that Sanders showed. For both him and the vast majority of his supporters, this news comes as no surprise. This comes as a painful reminder of the truth we all knew but refused to believe. The fact that it came from Brazile of all people is icing on the cake.

Ultimately, it’s all too little to late. Democratic voters and U.S. citizens in general have already been robbed of their vote and the chance to have a candidate who actually appealed to the middle class, the chance to have some actual change, the chance to have a truly democratic election. Those things are all out the window. Democrats are thus left with party that is unreliable and untrustworthy.

This question is a serious one and as long as it remains unanswered, Democrats in this country will be left at a serious disadvantage. To win elections, you need people to trust you. You need people to have faith that when they cast their vote, it actually counts. Right now, I don’t think the DNC or the Democratic Party can say that, and it unfortunately is a time when Democrats and progressives desperately need to regain positions in the government.

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