Halloween Is Undoubtedly the Best Holiday


Thomas Price, Staff Writer

Halloween is finally here and the literal dancing in the streets can finally commence. Halloween is undeniably different than any other occasion celebrated on such a large level. While at one point in history, it served a festive purpose to the harvests and farmers across the United States, our modern Halloween has truly become something far greater than its origins. It is the one day a year when, from the ridiculous to the sublime, all things are accounted for. It is the one day a year to be exactly who you want to be, and instead of society chastising you for being a grown person dressed in tights and no shirt, you are literally rewarded for it with candy.

In this ever-increasing cesspool of tragedy and horror, it is more important than ever to take a break from reality with fake tragedy decorating the walls. Halloween is the ultimate release of inhibitions. With the time honored tradition of dressing up, you can truly be whatever you desire. Whether that is dressing up like your favorite pop culture icons or some demonic beast, there is a place for you on Halloween. Act on your dream to be the Superman who gives out full candy bars to the neighborhood, or even on your desire to scare small children senseless! Both are equally socially acceptable.

Halloween is the holiday for all people. For NYU students, it is the time for play in a city so aggressively focused on work. Instead of studying for midterms, you can scream the lyrics to the “Monster Mash” while dancing unashamedly in front of a crowd of students doing the exact same thing. New York City becomes a wonderland for you to explore with fresh eyes once again. Strangers hand out compliments and candy, and suddenly the cruel stress of our academic lives melts away for a moment. Halloween exists to bring back the childlike wonder into our worlds in the most delightfully twisted way. Even for the homebodies understandably unwilling to go outside and interact with the ridiculous cast of characters wandering around, there is a near endless supply of horror movies and cartoons to curl up with in the cozy confines of your dorm.

Halloween is strange and completely out of place in the modern world, yet it is precisely what it needs to be. Embrace its absurdity with open arms, and it will reward you with actual candy and enough ridiculous memories to last until it comes around to do what it does again.

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A version of this appeared in the Monday, Oct. 30 print edition.