Layana Aguilar S/S 2018

Ali Webb, Staff Writer

New York Fashion Week may have come to a close yesterday for the most established designers, but some newer, lesser-known talents have kept the sartorial party going with additional collection debuts. Project Runway alum Layana Aguilar went this route, presenting a celebratory collection entitled “One Love” as part of the Latinista Fashion Week event.

The vibe was relaxed as attendees gathered in the intimate Punto Event Space pre-show. Aguilar, dressed in one of her own designs which coordinated with the collection, came out at the beginning to explain her concept of individuality and togetherness. Models then walked out to Bob Marley’s “One Love,” a noticeable energy among them as they bopped to vibrant music from diverse genres throughout the hour.

The looks themselves were as celebratory as the environment, playing extensively with construction in a bright collection on a diverse group of models. Dominant colors were baby blue, lavender and shades of orange, accompanied by various pointed-toe shoes in coral and silver. Aguilar creatively combined sheer and textured fabrics, also experimenting with structure in looks that included flowing gowns, slouchy sportswear and voluminous, artful skirts.

One of the strongest points of the collection was the lavender flowered decoration on several of the looks, including Aguilar’s. Contrasted with solid baby blues, these added pops of delicate texture to sheer fabric and managed to embrace the spring collection’s affinity for botanical detail without being cliche. The pretty pastel especially popped on one model’s full-length evening gown, which moved beautifully.

Perhaps the most notable detail of the evening was the representation. Models, confidently wearing dewy makeup, represented a variety of ethnicities. They wore hair looks that worked for their natural textures, whether this was a top knot with slicked baby hairs or dreadlocks in a majestic high pony. Promoters built upon the hair theme by gifting a range of products for multiple hair types. Most importantly, the event itself was celebrating Latina designers and Aguilar used her perspective to promote the beauty of inclusivity.

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