KLAD S/S 2018

For KLAD’s first loungewear runway show in New York, their Spring/Summer 2018 collection certainly made an impression. This year, the former event-wear brand opened its horizons and expanded into the luxe loungewear category. Chic, simple and innocent, the show debuted soft chiffon blouses and dresses, rather than their past collections, composed of harsh hues and coarse knits. This collection would not be featured by the edgy girl next door, but would fill any Hampton-goer’s suitcase for the long summer weekends.

The show presented the brand’s theme of comfort and clean lines, which were interestingly woven to create architecturally unique pieces. Head designer, Melanie Trygg, creates with love for hometown, Seattle’s, natural beauty in mind — and this show was no different. True to her roots, the clothes remained airy, light and simple. But they were not boring by any means.

Sitting on the twelfth floor of Studio 450 and being encompassed by a 360 degree view of New York city perfectly displayed the contrast of the industrial versus the delicate nature of the collection. Sharing the stage with Knucklekiss jewelry, a handcrafted jewelry brand from Seattle, made the show even more personal to Trygg’s progress as an innovative, young designer.

While KLAD may only be beginning to explore the comfort category of the fashion industry, this show’s tank dresses and lounge gowns  made a romantic gesture for the casual return to genuine clothing.


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