Berenik S/S 2018

Liv Chai, Staff Writer

As if an engine was revving up, a futuristic buzz of energy was heard as doors opened for the Berenik Spring/Summer 2018 presentation to begin. The collection was light in fabric but saturated in attitude, with pops of animal prints and graphic tees in harmony with suit jackets and drawstring silk shorts.

Models in all shapes and sizes lined up by the walls blinking through snowy white lashes and muted charcoal lines drawn haphazardly from forehead to chin. Hair was in a sharp, roughly put bun and shoes spanned from comfy Converse to worn-in, traditional ballet shoes, which emitted a carefree yet quite pointed look.

Baggy jumpsuits, oversized in the shoulders and arms effortlessly moved with the models who, in a swoop, would sink or hurl forward in a sultry stance as viewers passed by. Not uncommon for Berenik, a magnetic performance was held in the midst of the presentation with dancers clad in black mesh and fitted athleisure pieces, swirling their bodies in angular movements that flowed naturally with the rhythm of the music.

With the range of movement, the models were able to achieve a look that combined the polished and professional with a casual on-the-run energy. The performers seemed to exude confidence with their daring sudden movements and intentionally careless clothing.

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