Mimi Prober S/S 2018

By Illiana Walingsham, Contributing Writer

The entrance to the runway was wreathed neatly with bouquets of dried flowers, and soft lights illuminated stands of flowers that wove up to Mimi Prober’s name in delicate, yet bold, black letters. Warm lights slowly lit up the runway, invoking breezy summer days lazily lounging on a hillside — the smell of sweetgrass was palpable.

The first model ushering in Prober’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection was serenaded by a Stevie Nicks track — she wore a breezy layered tulle skirt paired with low-cut oxfords. A leather moto jacket gave an added edge to the outfit. The entire ensemble was a warm beige, the color of old book pages, seemingly hand-dyed with patches of faded navy.

Gauzy, see-through skirts composed some of the cornerstone pieces, swaying with each step. Nude undergarments and corset-laced backs conjured up images of delicate lingerie. One of the most breathtaking accoutrements encompassing a model was an elegant, black floor-length veil. Ruching on the bottom gave the finespun headpiece weight, sending it drifting in all directions, dancing ethereally in time with the model’s legs.

The collection felt very vintage-chic, utilizing swathes of tulle, lace and flowing skirts. Makeup throughout the show was kept minimal, only enhancing the model’s features, adding to the girl-next-door effect of the show.

Every outfit coordinated with the others, creating a truly uniform collection — each piece was unique, but distinguishable as part of a whole. The designs were extremely wearable — advancing familiar looks that have dominated the past few seasons, though Prober managed to keep the pieces fresh by avoiding the trendy colors many designers are focusing on. Overall, Prober is ushering in spring with a warm breeze and gentle sigh, something New Yorkers will definitely appreciate.

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